Arizona Iced Tea at Art Basel Miami Beach

Headlines are scattered across the internet about the "Art Museum on a Can." Lemon Fizz is a new drink designed by artist Richard Prince and produced by AriZona Iced Tea. This drink (and its artistically aesthetic can) will debut in December at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Arizona Iced Tea at Art Basel Miami Beach

AriZona’s Global Communications Director Jackie Harrigan said, “The package design celebrates Richard’s creativity and history within the art world, with secret elements for consumers to discover that signify the union of our creative forces”

Marketing Art

What has the art world buzzing about this highly decorated lemon soda is that the artist approached the corporation and not the other way around. Instead of being seen as an endorsement, the new drink is actually a genius stroke of marketing material for AriZona Iced Tea.

Pictured in black and white, Richard Prince’s debonair pose is plastered on top of a colorful background of his work. His signature scrawls across the front.

Making a Splash

AriZona Iced Tea is a popular drink among the trendsetting crowd. Richard Prince contacted AriZona to make his own drink, moved by his love for lemon flavored drinks and tea. Prince states, "As a fan of AriZona’s Arnold Palmer line, it felt natural to collaborate and the partnership evolved from there. The outcome is Lemon Fizz, which is a fantastic beverage and one that I can employ in my own craft."

The new drink already has three events presenting it at Art Basel Miami Beach, and 23 other venues in Miami will also be offering Lemon Fizz. Even a special sorbet will be made with Lemon Fizz and other fresh ingredients, such as: ginger, pomegranate and basil.

Setting Apart Your Brand

When it comes to Art Basel Miami Beach, something original and over-the-top is how major brands and designers make waves. The event space Miami offers will be packed full of high fashion parties and galleries for a week long party in the Magic City. Reserving the right venue in Miami and creatively marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is the only way to stand out in a slew of competing designers seeking the attention of socialites and celebrities.