Red Bull at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is a global art event where people can experience beautiful works of art and art culture in Miami Beach and the surrounding areas.  Besides the opportunity to be engulfed in a tropical creative atmosphere for a week, Art Basel Miami Beach is also an excellent opportunity to market your brand.

Red Bull Canvas Cooler

Why Brand Marketing is Effective Here

One of the things to keep in mind with events for brand marketing is that it is important to target a large audience. When marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach, you have the ability to target multiple large audiences at once during this week long event as it attracts thousands of people a day.  This is a key factor in making Art Basel Miami Beach an effective option to create brand awareness and exposure.

High traffic events are often high profile events. This means that there are more options for media coverage and international news coverage, national news coverage, bloggers and photographers all flock to South to get the real scoop on Art Basel Miami Beach. You can get more contact information and build up social media followers quickly by venues in Miami like this.

There are many companies taking advantage of the artistically transformed event space Miami has to offer. Red Bull has geared up with some of the best contemporary artists at Art Basel Miami Beach to create the Canvas Cooler Project. Artists created amazing works of art on coolers featuring the Red Bull inside. This helped to not only bring awareness of these amazing artists, but helped with brand recognition for Red Bull.

Red Bull is by far not the only large company that has taken advantage of the branding opportunities this event in Miami offers. Some of the other companies that have been seen at Art Basel Miami Beach include BMW, Cartier, Evian and many other international brands. Art Basel Miami Beach is a strategic utopia for brand marketing for both large and small entities alike.