Prada at Art Basel Miami Beach

When the Prada store opened it’s doors in the Design District it created quite the buzz among the area's most fashion-conscious citizens. Prada's storefront opened just in time to showcase their luxury goods during Art Basel Miami Beach, a yearly, massive art show attracting fifty thousand artists, curators, collectors, dealers, and art enthusiasts.

Brand Marketing

Perfect Timing for Prada

Marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach is a smart move – with tens of thousands of art and fashion-savvy prospects strolling along the sidewalks and venues, Prada's sparkling  facade and lush interior got its fair share of attention.

Brand Marketing Through Corporate Events

Catching the attention of new customers and creating loyal enthusiasts is key in today's advertising market. Cutting edge live events are a sure-fire way to attract consumers to your brand. Launch your new product in style by throwing the year's biggest bash with the perfect theme and all the trimmings.

The choice in venue for your consumer, trade or media event can make or break the launch. Be sure that the space and staff can handle your needs, from seating to appropriately themed decorating.

Year-Round Entertainment and Event Space Miami

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Located in Wynwood District, Soho Studios is the premier venue in Miami for brand marketers, event planners, photographers, and film makers alike. From the three massive studio spaces to the personalized décor and catering, Soho makes planning for your next event or project a breeze.