Tesla's Art Car at Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel Miami Beach is an amazing collection of creative people and concepts. It takes down the walls we see around us ever day and allows for exploration and discovery. It also allows for the seamless marriage of art and marketing.

Art Cars at Art Basel Miami Beach

An example of the marriage between art and marketing is the recent move by some manufacturers in creating art cars. These are automobiles, whose exteriors serve as canvases, and detailed as works of art. BMW recently created their own art car and now Tesla, the innovative automaker from Silicon Valley, has teamed with artist Laurence Gartel to create their own dazzling rolling piece of art.

The colorful Tesla roadster appears as a digital version of sixties pop art, combining abstract and not-so abstract images. It certainly is a head turner. It is also gaining a lot of attention for Tesla, which is part of marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach.

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We are not sure who said "Consider marketing your brand at Art Basel Miami Beach Tesla" but we are pretty sure the automaker is glad they did. Consider this your invitation.