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Jeep Reaches its Audience in an Inspiring Way

Do you have a story about your Jeep? Would you share it with the world? Jeep fans are some of the greatest when it comes to adventure and telling a good story. So, on the 75th anniversary of the Jeep, Jeep wants you to share your story with the world using the hashtag #MyJeepStory and post it on their website. Jeep's Latest Campaign

Jeep's latest campaign, My Jeep Story, is sure to go viral. Jeep has a solid group of die-hard aficionados who have raised their Jeep ownership into a cult-like status. These people use their Jeeps for all sorts of adventures. They prove the legendary toughness of the Jeep by taking it places where most car owners would never consider. It is these dire hard fans Jeep wants to hear from through social media and across the Internet. Jeep started out the campaign with stories from and about celebrity Jeep owners on their microsite. Furthermore, they encourage Jeep owners to tell their stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Jeep even gives instructions for how to tell the world your Jeep story.

Big Names about Jeeps

Jeep has enlisted the singer, Ciara, to talk about Jeeps. Her father would tell her stories about driving a Jeep during Desert Storm. The Jeep made an impression with Ciara as she grew up to drive a Jeep product as well. Her love of Jeeps comes out in this YouTube video where she tells her own Jeep story. Jeep also includes some stories regarding historical features and their Jeeps. On the microsite are Jeep stories about Marilyn Monroe, Mark A. Smith, and George Speaker and encouragement for you to share your own story and be a part of Jeep history.

Getting People to Talk about their Jeeps

This campaign is part of a year long campaign to herald Jeep's 75th anniversary. Jeep will feature 75 of the stories by the end of the campaign (for the 75th year anniversary), and all stories will be immortalized both in social media and on the microsite. Lest you think that the brand will only cover the historical and serious side of the Jeep, Jeep's story sessions cover favorite canines, summer fun, and military appreciation as well.

Jeep launched the 75th year campaign with two spots during the 50th Super Bowl. Furthermore, they are donating $1.4 million to the USO, which is also celebrating its 75th year anniversary.

Nestlé Takes Coffee-Mate to Ohio State University

Nestlé is well-known for its plethora of resources, branching from its high-ambassador count and extending to its brand enthusiasts around the world. Now, it’s Coffee-mate brand is getting the Nestlé treatment, and it’s acquiring mass visibility during a survival resource week on college campuses.

The Ultimate Finals Week

Nestlé’s approach to Coffee-mate’s promotion is unique. It’s also highly geared towards college students. The Nestlé survival resource marketing event, taking place at Ohio State University, promotes the brand via a 20-foot-high Coffee-mate installation. Shaped as a cup, Nestlé’s powerhouse display recharges students.

It was set up in Ohio State University’s South Oval, and its runtime featured games, massages, charging stations and music. Of course, free Nestlé coffee was included. Each Nestlé ambassador rode around on bright red scooters, charging the brand’s display with intricate detail and instantly distinguishable brand pictures.

The Long Day Haul

Nestlé’s experiential event took activities to the street for 12 hours each day. The energy-spiked event was much more than a coffee cup installation. It was an activation beacon, powering Nestlé sampling tents fully equipped with 18 Coffee-mate flavors served up by the brand’s pro baristas.

Each sample was handpicked by OSU food service professionals, creating a hybrid event capable of harnessing the university’s love of coffee, the average student’s love of coffee and, naturally, Nestlé’s love of coffee, too. Coffee-mate’s newest seasonal offerings were put on the front line, ensuring top visibility by students enticed to create their own flavors. Each was shareable, and each was derived from pre-crafted “flavor profiles” before hitting the main stage.

Social Media Outreach

Nestlé’s big Coffee-mate display didn’t end at OSU. Rather, it branched out on Twitter under the #coffeelife banner. The #coffeemateatosu, too, made an appearance, offering brand-specific premiums to those posting pictures to further increase visibility. Sunglasses, coffee mugs and even Nestlé products were in the bag for many Twitter users.

Not all students can attend events, and Nestlé was sure to respect OSU’s dedication to education by offering text-for-delivery options. Offering a tweet alternative, the delivery system answered requests via scooter and tow-behind Nestlé stations. Upon meeting students, sampling stations would capture interactions on GoPro videos, creating a big database of event-promotional selfies.

Nestlé’s dedication to content is highly notable. It’s also well-planned. While many brands have targeted universities in the past, few have had the foresight to deliver products to students. The program was managed by 10 OSU ambassadors, as Coffee-mate upholds a formal partnership with OSU. The team similarly utilized 12 student representatives and a core group of brand ambassadors to accommodate for schedule flops and gaps.

Eight Days, 1,595 Gallons of Coffee

That’s right, Nestlé wasn’t playing around. In eight days, the brand succeeded in passing off its newest brand-babies, building awareness for the Coffee-mate throughout. Nestlé is always relevant, and its recognition of college tradition definitely spiked its success.

Enforcing its “surprise and delight” methodologies, Nestlé’s built-up social media campaign granted the brand considerable wiggle room within their outreach. Nestlé took to the sidewalks, took to the customers and took to great strategies—achieving fantastic results.