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Jeep Reaches its Audience in an Inspiring Way

Do you have a story about your Jeep? Would you share it with the world? Jeep fans are some of the greatest when it comes to adventure and telling a good story. So, on the 75th anniversary of the Jeep, Jeep wants you to share your story with the world using the hashtag #MyJeepStory and post it on their website. Jeep's Latest Campaign

Jeep's latest campaign, My Jeep Story, is sure to go viral. Jeep has a solid group of die-hard aficionados who have raised their Jeep ownership into a cult-like status. These people use their Jeeps for all sorts of adventures. They prove the legendary toughness of the Jeep by taking it places where most car owners would never consider. It is these dire hard fans Jeep wants to hear from through social media and across the Internet. Jeep started out the campaign with stories from and about celebrity Jeep owners on their microsite. Furthermore, they encourage Jeep owners to tell their stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Jeep even gives instructions for how to tell the world your Jeep story.

Big Names about Jeeps

Jeep has enlisted the singer, Ciara, to talk about Jeeps. Her father would tell her stories about driving a Jeep during Desert Storm. The Jeep made an impression with Ciara as she grew up to drive a Jeep product as well. Her love of Jeeps comes out in this YouTube video where she tells her own Jeep story. Jeep also includes some stories regarding historical features and their Jeeps. On the microsite are Jeep stories about Marilyn Monroe, Mark A. Smith, and George Speaker and encouragement for you to share your own story and be a part of Jeep history.

Getting People to Talk about their Jeeps

This campaign is part of a year long campaign to herald Jeep's 75th anniversary. Jeep will feature 75 of the stories by the end of the campaign (for the 75th year anniversary), and all stories will be immortalized both in social media and on the microsite. Lest you think that the brand will only cover the historical and serious side of the Jeep, Jeep's story sessions cover favorite canines, summer fun, and military appreciation as well.

Jeep launched the 75th year campaign with two spots during the 50th Super Bowl. Furthermore, they are donating $1.4 million to the USO, which is also celebrating its 75th year anniversary.

Melodies in Midtown

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Allegro Entertainment presents host Jawan Strader from NBC6. Jawan will get the party started for the inaugural Melodies in Midtown at our Pavilion Studio in Miami on Saturday, September 28 from 7PM to close.  Joining Jawan and performing live will be Tracy Night, Jay Wray and the 4 Lyfe Band, DJ Genesis and DJ Meat.  Hardcore Dancehall fans will feel the raw energy and experience Miami’s newest club scene.

Get early bird tickets now on Groupon. If you missed out on the discounted tickets, don't stress out - you can buy them on eventbrite too.

"The 2nd Annual Evening with the Stars" - Clothing Line Launch & Concert!!! Hosted by NBC 6 Jawan Strader

CHARLES KING PARIS will launch a Clothing Line. Charles King´s Spirit is Refinement Luxury and Passion. Pure Artistic Creations for Exclusive Limited Editions Handcraft Textile Embellishment with Fine Embroideries. Metal and Crystal Inserts for Exceptional Collections...for the Fashionable Eye! An Evening with the "Stars" & LYFE Management Group Launch Party - - The second annual "Evening with the 'Stars'" where Sponsors, Volunteers, Supporters, Celebrities and our LYFE Management Group Clients will be in attendance. A night filled with Music, Food, Drinks and Door Prizes!!!

A star studded event with Special invited Guest and most importantly our Clients and Supporters!!!

This is an event you don't want to miss!!!

Concert - - Featuring "Jay Wray & the Music 4 LYFE Band" - Tracey Night Music - Zipporah Live Dj Genesis & DJ Meat

$45 includes Entrance, 2 Drink Tickets and Door Prizes!!!


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How to go viral on Pinterest

Going viral on Pinterest can get thousands of eyes on your event page in a matter of hours. Whether your party is taking place in one of the hottest venues in Miami or if you're celebrating in one of the many other available spaces to host a party in Miami, getting your page to go viral can increase your exposure to potential attendees and can result in bringing in a huge crowd.

One of the most important things to do when trying to get your page to go viral is to make a description that is both catchy and accurate. This might include adding in a pun or an exciting statement that will make people willing to share it with others by pinning it themselves. Take a look at other viral pages and get a good feel for what they have going on that makes them so popular in order to incorporate those same elements into your page.

Making your page Pinworthy

In order to go viral, you will need to have more than just a catchy title, your page will need enough substance that will make someone want to pin it. The best way to do this is to highlight the best parts of your venue or event, sometimes while adding no text in order to let the picture speak for itself. Many party planners in Miami do a great job of taking the pictures which they feel have the best chance of going viral and pinning them, and only them. When you pin too many things, something truly special may end up being lost in the mix.

You will also help yourself go viral on Pinterest by interacting a lot with other users. The more people you have following your page, the better chance you have that your material will go viral on the site since you already have a built in audience who can easily see anything you put up, allowing them to share it easily with others.

Using apps for event planning

If you are looking for event planning tools, there are a plethora of mobile apps available to help you plan, coordinate, and promote your event. Let’s take a look at some of the many event management apps available today, with a quick description of what they can help users accomplish.


WhereEvent lets you post events and sorts them by city. Users sort to events that are taking place by searching by their city.

Super Planner

A business app for the pro. Super Planner can help determine a venues capacity, and what is needed for staffing, catering, staging, projection, and even the amount of dance floor needed.

Event Espresso

Registration and ticket managing plug-in that includes printable tickets, seating charts and even a payment gateway for tickets.


They offer an attendee management tool for simple to complex meeting scenarios as well as a Mobile Event Guide, which lets you create a mobile capable website that can send alerts and updates.

All Seated

All Seated keeps the event planner, venue, vendors and anyone who needs to be “in the loop” on the same page with updated seated charts, vendor space, guests lists and more.


Scan badges and business cards. Upload and manage your event. Change event times and make announcements as you need to. Bloodhound is an event guide and marketing tool.


Lets you manage and promote your event and handles the sales on tickets online.


Evernote is just a great, solid app for helping you to remember everything and keeping all of your great ideas in one place. What event planner can’t use a little help with that?

If you are looking for event space in Miami, consider the 65,000 square foot, multi-purpose Soho Studios. Soho Studios offers premier event space in the trendy Wynwood District of Miami, home of the prestigious Art Basel Miami. We are a versatile space, serving as a photography studio Miami artists have become extremely found of, to being known as one of the more active party venues Miami pulses to. If you are looking for a world class venue for your concert, trade show, convention or meeting in Southern Florida, we invite you to discover Soho Studios.t a great, solid app for helping you to remember everything and keeping all of your great ideas in one place. What event planner can’t use a little help with that?

Google's #1 vs. Facebook's Like

Event planning is hard enough but the crucial part is getting people to show up. If you are working with a venue in Miami for your event then you already know that there are plenty of options to choose from for it. However, it is vital to play into the trends so that people fill your Miami event space. So what are some of the best practices available to assist in the promotion?

Well, for one, it is all about getting your message where the people are today. To reach out to the largest collections of people in these days means taking advantage of social media. Yeah, Miami events can be difficult but putting together an unsuccessful date that loses money could mean more than an empty wallet, it can damage your reputation as a promoter.

There are plenty of social media platforms online that you can utilize to spread your message. Since Twitter is all about the current conversation as it is develops and LinkedIn dominates the professional or career sector, what are the best networks to get the word out to the people you want to attract? The largest collections of general population users in America are located on Facebook and Google+, but should you use both?

Luckily it is quite easy to get the word out on these sites because they are both about showcasing content. If you have a website for your band, organization or events then incorporate social media functionality right onto the site. For Facebook sharing, this means adding a "Like" button to your site and articles so that visitors and fans can help to spread your message to their friends and followers. This is probably the best social tool around right now. A similar asset from the folks at Google is the "+1" button. Since everyone with a Gmail account is automatically signed up for Google+ they have a large membership in their social media platform. Both are great ways for your audience to give you feedback that you can use for planning and promoting events.

Marketing your event online

When marketing your event online it is important to consider a number of factors like demographics, data, location and the theme of the event itself. Luckily in today's technology laden world promotions are easier than ever using an ever expanding group of tools that are web and mobile based.

There is no shortage of choices to make so you should look to capitalize on the most efficient methods for your promotions at the party venues Miami is home to currently. Do not let other companies or promoters get the edge by taking advantage before yours can put them into action for you first.

The Web is full of opportunities for you to spread your message. There are websites, blogging platforms, social media, email campaigns, advertising networks, sponsorships and the list goes on. By combining a mixture of these elements you can fine tune your directives and capture the spectrum of the Internet audience you need to make you events a success.

Generating content that matters to people and drives traffic back to your primary web presence is critical for your entity as it exists online. Great editorial and pictorial content of your event will be shared by your audience and assist in promoting your events. Cultivate this audience by publishing regularly on your website and through your network. Perhaps contribute guest content to other websites or ask if they will assist in cross promoting your functions. You never know what opportunities will emerge when you ask about the needs others have.

Look for cost effective avenues first, if you are already producing flyers or press releases for your events see what new channels will broadcast the information for you. Make trades with other important players in your community to further your goals and those on the scene in general. It is important to market your event online. Follow these event marketing tips and generate hype for events in Miami.

Event Blogging

Blogs are not just reserved for people who want to rant about their favorite sports team or give their two cents on the latest political scandal. A blog can also be a useful tool for promoting your event. It is the perfect way to engage people and make them feel like they are part of the action.

An event blog is because is the perfect way to build relationships with people who are attending your event. Writing blog posts lets you share important information and create a strong buzz for your event. If you are at one of the best party venues Miami has to offer, for example, you want people to be aware of why your event is there and what is going on at your event.

When you start creating content for your event blog, an important guideline to remember is to keep it personal and conversational. Engage your followers with content that will matter to them. One way to promote conversation is to open up a comments section for blog visitors. It can serve as a message board where you can answer questions and respond to feedback from your followers.

Incorporate visual and audio elements into your posts. Include video or podcast interviews with any notable guests in attendance. Post lots of photos of the event to your blog and the activities leading up to it. This will make the event come alive and it will generate interest from blog visitors. People are drawn to big events with lots of hype. Throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the event blog will make it feel like a big deal to them when they check out the latest post.

Internet access is important in event blogging. Make sure your chosen venue is equipped with high speed Internet to handle what you will need to make your blog run smoothly. Your event blog will add another dimension to the event and make it an unforgettable experience.

Selling concert tickets online

These days if you are planning an event you need to provide the ability to buy tickets online. Thankfully, there are online ticket resources available that make it easy and secure. When you sell concert tickets online it increases your odds of success, help track your marketing efforts, and can result in quicker cash flow. If you want to know how to sell concert tickets online, and what options are available, we provided some resources below.

Event Espresso

Event Espresso is a WordPress plug-in that can put you in total control of your ticket sales without outsourcing. If you have multiple events you will find the event calendar useful, but Event Espresso has so much more. It has multiple ticket and pricing options, and the ability to collect payments immediately through a variety of payment options like Paypal and

Ticket Web

Ticket Web is an online third party resource that you can use to sell your tickets, without creating your own ticket availability page. All you need is a browser and your event can be online quickly. Ticket Web is mobile capable, and even has the ability to get your event listed on Ticketmaster.

Event Brite

Event Brite can not only create an event and publish it online, it also has the ability to sell tickets online for your event. Event Brite offers the option for you to even accept donations that are appropriate for your event.

Ticket Bud

Ticket Bud offers flat fee pricing for your event so you know upfront what your ticket sales costs will be. They allow for event sponsorship integration to your event page, event page customization and they have a free ticket scanning app for Android and iOS. For events that are free, Ticket Bud offers a free events page.

Show Clix

This is another third party site that will take care of it all. You can use ShowClix to build an event page, and create multiple ticket types and discounts. They will provide you with reports and have in-house credit card processing and offer direct deposits. They also offer a free ticket scanning app and social media tools to help you promote your event. ShowClix charges your customers a service fee with no upfront fees or additional costs to the promoter.

There are many other third party and software vendors available for your online ticket sales, so find one that works best for your particular event.

If you are in search of party venues in Miami, contact us a Soho Studios. Our versatile state of the art spaces are available for concerts, parties, trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, concerts and photo shoots and more.

The Gala Guide

Organizing a gala is an excellent way to raise funds for a good cause. You can draw on the movers and shakers of your local community to get behind a charity you support. They will enjoy a night of fine music, fine dining and fine entertainment while you get positive exposure for your cause.

It takes plenty of preparation to put together a gala that will be the talk of the town. Here are a few things you can do to make your gala go off without a hitch:

Promote it

The best way to get as many people involved as possible is to spare no effort in promoting a gala. Send press releases to the local media announcing the gala. Line up interviews with local TV stations to get stories done on it. The more people know about your gala, the better your chances are at having a high turnout.

Recruit Reliable Volunteers

Event planning is much easier when you have an army of volunteers who can get even the smallest details right. You need people who can do everything from marketing the event to planning entertainment to securing the right gala venues. This will keep important details from being ignored or forgotten until the last minute.

Book Good Entertainment

The right music creates a fun atmosphere for your gala. Hire a live band to provide songs that will set a festive mood for the entire night. Many bands will love the chance to be connected with a good cause while promoting their music. And your guests will have a enjoyable experience if there is plenty of good music to dance to all night long.

Use Social Media

Generate buzz for your gala by advertising it through social media channels. You can set up a Facebook page for the event and have attendees RSVP to the gala page. You can also create custom hashtags for the event on Twitter to let everyone talk about it before and after the gala.

Serve Good Food

The best way to a person's wallet is through their stomach. Serving a high quality meal is a sure ticket to creating a venue filled with happy and generous guests.


What every event website should have

Promoting your event online takes more than just a Facebook page. Each event should have its own website and what it includes can be critical in the success of your event. If you are into event planning, knowing what should be included can empower you.

Ease of Use

Keep all of the important information upfront and visible. If your event is more complicated break it down into segments with easy to read click-thru buttons.

Sell the Location and Atmosphere

Each venue has its own style and assets. If you’ve chosen your venue properly, you’ll want to explain the benefits of it to your potential attendees. Include information about the location, atmosphere, parking, and acoustics. Selling the atmosphere can be a big plus that some event websites don’t take full advantage of.

Online Ticket Sales

Security issues can make selling tickets online more complicated that it may at first seem. That’s why dealing with an off-site vendor like TicketWeb is a great option. TicketWeb is a safe, easy way for promoters to offer online ticket sales to potential customers easily.


Video is becoming the most popular way to sell on the internet. It is also a great way to show attendees what they can expect. Keep in mind YouTube is a powerful search engine, and videos placed on YouTube and shown on your site can gain you valuable viewers.

Social Media

WordPress has an easy to use plug-ins that can help you spread the word through social media. These including Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. Winter Music Conference swears by social media when promoting their events, as has been said in past WMC panel discussions.

Valuable Event Plug-Ins

Other valuable plug-ins available for websites include:

For contact forms Gravity forms has a nice plug-in.

If your event includes speakers, TopQuark has an efficient way to get them listed on one web page, including a link to their bios and other info.

Want to live chat with site visitors while getting real time stats on where they are coming from? Check out Woopra.

At Soho Studios our experience in marketing events on the web can be an asset for you. We are pleased to help you in any way we can in making your event a success.