Selling concert tickets online

These days if you are planning an event you need to provide the ability to buy tickets online. Thankfully, there are online ticket resources available that make it easy and secure. When you sell concert tickets online it increases your odds of success, help track your marketing efforts, and can result in quicker cash flow. If you want to know how to sell concert tickets online, and what options are available, we provided some resources below.

Event Espresso

Event Espresso is a WordPress plug-in that can put you in total control of your ticket sales without outsourcing. If you have multiple events you will find the event calendar useful, but Event Espresso has so much more. It has multiple ticket and pricing options, and the ability to collect payments immediately through a variety of payment options like Paypal and

Ticket Web

Ticket Web is an online third party resource that you can use to sell your tickets, without creating your own ticket availability page. All you need is a browser and your event can be online quickly. Ticket Web is mobile capable, and even has the ability to get your event listed on Ticketmaster.

Event Brite

Event Brite can not only create an event and publish it online, it also has the ability to sell tickets online for your event. Event Brite offers the option for you to even accept donations that are appropriate for your event.

Ticket Bud

Ticket Bud offers flat fee pricing for your event so you know upfront what your ticket sales costs will be. They allow for event sponsorship integration to your event page, event page customization and they have a free ticket scanning app for Android and iOS. For events that are free, Ticket Bud offers a free events page.

Show Clix

This is another third party site that will take care of it all. You can use ShowClix to build an event page, and create multiple ticket types and discounts. They will provide you with reports and have in-house credit card processing and offer direct deposits. They also offer a free ticket scanning app and social media tools to help you promote your event. ShowClix charges your customers a service fee with no upfront fees or additional costs to the promoter.

There are many other third party and software vendors available for your online ticket sales, so find one that works best for your particular event.

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