Using Smart Phones to engage your audience

The mobile revolution is not a marketing scheme or a desperate ploy of journalists to fill column inches. It is a real and concrete thing. More and more people don't have a computer at home or use it mostly as a database and a media dump. People have in their hands a device capable of doing almost everything that your average person used their home computer for. By far the biggest aspect of this is the internet.

This makes it imperative that you are using smart phone to promote your event. People are no longer heads in the doors. They are advertisers and partners. They draw people to your event and spread the word for you. It is absolutely necessary that you create an event, and an image for your event, that makes people want to invite their friends. It should make them want to share your event with everyone they know.

This means that you must harness the moment. People no longer go home, check out a web page, absorb information and then choose to share it or whatever else they might do. Now, with mobile apps for your event, you can have people scan a bar code, download your app and instantly access the world of your event. They are immediately engaged and participating.

This is what you want. Advertising and spreading the word is no longer a passive endeavor. It is no longer a matter of getting eyes on your message. It is about creating a message and an event that gets people involved in sharing it with their friends. You are creating a street team with mobile apps for your event. You are creating an army of partners who are interested in making your event a success because they will be there. They want the event to be amazing.

Technology has turned word of mouth into the ONLY event promotion technique that matters. Word of mouth has always been a side item. It is time for it to take center stage.