Online Reviews

Marketing your event online

When marketing your event online it is important to consider a number of factors like demographics, data, location and the theme of the event itself. Luckily in today's technology laden world promotions are easier than ever using an ever expanding group of tools that are web and mobile based.

There is no shortage of choices to make so you should look to capitalize on the most efficient methods for your promotions at the party venues Miami is home to currently. Do not let other companies or promoters get the edge by taking advantage before yours can put them into action for you first.

The Web is full of opportunities for you to spread your message. There are websites, blogging platforms, social media, email campaigns, advertising networks, sponsorships and the list goes on. By combining a mixture of these elements you can fine tune your directives and capture the spectrum of the Internet audience you need to make you events a success.

Generating content that matters to people and drives traffic back to your primary web presence is critical for your entity as it exists online. Great editorial and pictorial content of your event will be shared by your audience and assist in promoting your events. Cultivate this audience by publishing regularly on your website and through your network. Perhaps contribute guest content to other websites or ask if they will assist in cross promoting your functions. You never know what opportunities will emerge when you ask about the needs others have.

Look for cost effective avenues first, if you are already producing flyers or press releases for your events see what new channels will broadcast the information for you. Make trades with other important players in your community to further your goals and those on the scene in general. It is important to market your event online. Follow these event marketing tips and generate hype for events in Miami.

Managing online reviews

Online reviews are frequently used by consumers considering making purchases, including event tickets. In fact, online reviews from strangers have replaced family and friend recommendations in a buying decision. If you choose to ignore your online reputation management, you may be choosing to ignore a tool very helpful for the future of your event promotion ability.

Positive online reviews, of course, can go a long way in helping your market your brand. Negative reviews can significantly handicap you. Both need to be managed.

How can you improve online reviews that appear in Yelp, CitySearch, Google Places and others?

You can subscribe to Google Alerts to help monitor these review websites. It is free and can help make you aware of what is being posted. You must then read and consider the validity of even the negative reviews. They can potentially help you improve the event experience you are providing.

Ask your satisfied customers to post reviews. Sadly, many satisfied event goers will not post a review unless prompted. You'll need to request positive reviews because negative ones will come without invitation. If you can generate more positive reviews, it will minimize the effects of any negative ones.

Respond to negative reviews promptly. This doesn't mean debating their experience online, but contact reviewers through an email or instant message. Ask for more details of their negative experience and see if there is a way to make it right. Remember, you are managing a negative review, not proving who is right or wrong.

When planning any event, the reputation of the venue will go a long way is how the event is perceived. You’ll want to work with a facility with an established reputation for quality, satisfying experiences.

If you are considering event space Miami has to offer, we invite you to review our 65,000 square foot facility at Soho Studios. Soho Studios is located in Miami’s trendy Wynwood District, and is home to the famous Art Basel Wynwood. We have built our reputation by making sure every detail is handled in the production of events from planning to event promotion.