Google's #1 vs. Facebook's Like

Event planning is hard enough but the crucial part is getting people to show up. If you are working with a venue in Miami for your event then you already know that there are plenty of options to choose from for it. However, it is vital to play into the trends so that people fill your Miami event space. So what are some of the best practices available to assist in the promotion?

Well, for one, it is all about getting your message where the people are today. To reach out to the largest collections of people in these days means taking advantage of social media. Yeah, Miami events can be difficult but putting together an unsuccessful date that loses money could mean more than an empty wallet, it can damage your reputation as a promoter.

There are plenty of social media platforms online that you can utilize to spread your message. Since Twitter is all about the current conversation as it is develops and LinkedIn dominates the professional or career sector, what are the best networks to get the word out to the people you want to attract? The largest collections of general population users in America are located on Facebook and Google+, but should you use both?

Luckily it is quite easy to get the word out on these sites because they are both about showcasing content. If you have a website for your band, organization or events then incorporate social media functionality right onto the site. For Facebook sharing, this means adding a "Like" button to your site and articles so that visitors and fans can help to spread your message to their friends and followers. This is probably the best social tool around right now. A similar asset from the folks at Google is the "+1" button. Since everyone with a Gmail account is automatically signed up for Google+ they have a large membership in their social media platform. Both are great ways for your audience to give you feedback that you can use for planning and promoting events.