The Gala Guide

Organizing a gala is an excellent way to raise funds for a good cause. You can draw on the movers and shakers of your local community to get behind a charity you support. They will enjoy a night of fine music, fine dining and fine entertainment while you get positive exposure for your cause.

It takes plenty of preparation to put together a gala that will be the talk of the town. Here are a few things you can do to make your gala go off without a hitch:

Promote it

The best way to get as many people involved as possible is to spare no effort in promoting a gala. Send press releases to the local media announcing the gala. Line up interviews with local TV stations to get stories done on it. The more people know about your gala, the better your chances are at having a high turnout.

Recruit Reliable Volunteers

Event planning is much easier when you have an army of volunteers who can get even the smallest details right. You need people who can do everything from marketing the event to planning entertainment to securing the right gala venues. This will keep important details from being ignored or forgotten until the last minute.

Book Good Entertainment

The right music creates a fun atmosphere for your gala. Hire a live band to provide songs that will set a festive mood for the entire night. Many bands will love the chance to be connected with a good cause while promoting their music. And your guests will have a enjoyable experience if there is plenty of good music to dance to all night long.

Use Social Media

Generate buzz for your gala by advertising it through social media channels. You can set up a Facebook page for the event and have attendees RSVP to the gala page. You can also create custom hashtags for the event on Twitter to let everyone talk about it before and after the gala.

Serve Good Food

The best way to a person's wallet is through their stomach. Serving a high quality meal is a sure ticket to creating a venue filled with happy and generous guests.