Green Events

Making an event green is easy to do with a little careful planning. Staging green events is becoming a preferred choice as people grow more concerned about reducing damage done to the environment. Going green at non-profit events in Miami helps conserve natural resources and reduces the event's carbon footprint. This will put your event in a positive light.

Wondering how to put on a green event? Here are a few ideas on where you can get started on creating green events in Miami:

1. Conserve energy use

Choose a venue where you can schedule your event during the daytime and use natural light to reduce the need for artificial lighting. Ask event participants to shut off lights and other electric or electronic equipment when rooms are not in use. For booths or displays that need lights, use energy saving bulbs.

2. Reduce Paper

Use electronic registration for your event. You can do it through a designated website or a mobile app. Go paperless with handouts and brochures whenever possible. Make these available on the website or app. If you need to print some paper documents, going with double-sided copies will reduce the amount of paper used. Distribute them by request only.

3. Recycle Everything

Paper products can sprout up faster than trees in a dense forest around your event if you let them. Put out recycle bins in conspicuous locations. Make an effort to collect paper, plastics, cardboard and beverage containers in all meeting, eating and exhibit areas. You can replace paper plates and plastic cups with reusable ones.

4. Serve Organic Food

Food sends a big message about your event and its commitment to the environment. You can go green by serving organic locally grown foods. Many restaurants and caterers already specialize in organic menus.

5. Offer Transportation

If you have guests flying in to attend your event from around the nation, offer shuttle service from the airport to their hotels and from their hotels to the event. It will reduce emissions from having a bunch of rental cars going back and forth.