Pinball Parking Spot from Ford Paris

If you have ever driven in a major city, finding a place to park can be difficult. In Paris it is near impossible. What better place for Ford to demonstrate its Active Park Assist feature which automatically will parallel park your new Ford.

The Idea of Pinball Parking

Ford staged a small open parking space between two cars that were rigged along a Parisian street. On the sidewalk, next to the tiny open parking space, Ford placed a large video screen that looked like a giant pinball score board. As French drivers attempted to park in the small space, points would rack up, and lights would flash as they hit the car in front and in rear. As you will see in the YouTube video, one driver was so bad he was actually given the keys to a Ford with Active Park Assist. You can watch as amazingly, the car parks itself in the small area and the giant scoreboard remains silent.

Experiential Marketing and Why It Works

This video shows a form of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is where consumers are pulled into the brand by making a more personal connection. Marketers have long known that consumers react to pain and pleasure messages, and experiential marketing seeks to better take advantage of those emotions. We are beginning to see more and more of these experiential marketing efforts.

Experiential Marketing Florida Style

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