AMA Recreational and Competition Promoting Club

Monster Sponsors the AMA Supercross

On April 9, 2016, Monster Energy will sponsor the AMA Supercross at the Lucas Oil Stadium, presenting promotions, music, food and other live events.

About the AMA Supercross

The AMA Supercross takes excitement from the street, to the track and across the trail. The event hosts millions of Americans, proposing new brand strategies, awesome inclusions and a new twist to motorcycling with pleasing weekends. The AMA Supercross, for years, has identified with young sports fans, targeting Generation Y and UFC, WWE and action sports lovers.

Off-road rides, far-off journeys and thrill-seeking event’s run the stadium, targeted by the event’s extensive social media coverage. The AMA has protected motorcycling’s future since 1924, promoting lifestyle events within many walks of life. The cable station Speed has notoriously covered the event, linking it across multiple social media platforms. Currently, the AMA proposes new, revolutionary benefits to motorcyclist interests, targeting local, state, regional and federal government entities. International government organizations, too, are touched upon, making public opinion the AMA’s chief regard.

Recreational Events and Monster’s Promotional Opportunities

Monster Energy Drink has involved itself in high-powered lifestyle, engaging brands by providing extreme sport events, gear and lifestyle options. The brand’s marketing strategy launched in 2002, climbing the ranks to match Red Bull and Rock Star’s fame. Their advertising budget, promotional ventures and brand association plays upon active lifestyle, taking part in the X-Games, the Dew Action Sports Tour and the Monster Energy Pipeline Pro.

Monster-sponsored AMA members obtain discounts on well-known motorcycle service providers. Apparel, services, gear, transport, bike rental and hotel stays are offered, hitting upon the event’s core values at the brand level. Monster’s appearances can be viewed in the AMA Supercross Media Guide, and contestants race to achieve the Monster Energy Cup Championship. Monster-themed banners, event stands and vehicle sponsorship stickers deck out the event in black and green energy.

Social Club Events and Visibility

Monster’s involvement impacts the AMA on multiple platforms. Performers, enthusiasts and event goers all have great on-road and off-road opportunities, and the AMA’s natural structure facilitates a slew of formal events.

The AMA Historic Club offers membership for applying members, providing consistent support amenities for industry lovers. Monster’s brand lovers are consistently adherent, returning to the company’s sponsored events and increasing overall support. The event’s service charter reaches out to military, police, charity, fire and motorcyclist organizations alike, expanding simple motocross ideologies to impact the community at large.

The AMA Recreational and Competition Promoting Club, too, makes an impact. Created and sponsoring clubs can sanction AMA events, vote for its Congress Delegates and attend the AMA Risk management Workshop. Monster’s deep sponsorship, itself, enables such processes, doubling back on consumers and involving them in the AMA’s overall design.

The AMA will likely continue for years. The sole U.S.-based Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme affiliate, the AMA’s sanctioning body is international. Monster’s AMA affiliates will continue competing in team-based world events, taking part in the International Six Days Enduro and the Motocross of Nations. Country-representative racing has always been a preferred style, and Monster’s sheer discipline represents the AMA’s dedication to widespread enthusiasm well.

The AMA Supercross features Monster-sponsored booths, refreshment stands and products. While Monster’s other inspired and sponsored events remain consistent throughout the years, few of its event marketing outlets contain the AMA Supercross’s in-depth design. Constantly growing and evolving, the AMA Supercross is an excellent venue for any potent sponsor.