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A kaleidoscope of color and RETAIL

If you were at this American Apparel sale you'll remember the aisles of color and stylishly dressed mannequins. It was a huge success and winning combination - Retail and Style in Wynwood, Miami!

The Armory at Soho Studios is the largest under-air section of the property, at roughly 40k sqft. This space is versatile and has been used for car expos, business conferences, film studios, concerts, and retail. American Apparel hosted their annual Warehouse Sale at Soho Studios and the people came from across South Florida to shop and save.

The time lapse video is amazing, it's the evolution of shopping and the organic nature of retail. American Apparel is perfect to demonstrate this point because of their vivid colors in each part of their collection. It's a kaleidoscope, a new way to experience retail.

Stay tuned to Soho Studios for more fun events and especially sales. This is the perfect place to run wild in a retail wonder-world.

If you remember the American Apparel Warehouse sale, drop us a line and comment.

Fashion Bloggers

There used to be one fashion column in the local newspaper that women and men would refer to about the latest trends in clothing, apparel and accessories. But today, the entire world has gone online and fashion bloggers rule the Miami fashion scene. These bloggers take the web to chronicle the latest fashion trends for both men and women, and raise the awareness about the local fashion scene to a global audience.

As many Miami fashion magazines note, the fashion industry in the area is growing exponentially. The brands and style Miami has to offer are unique to the area, and fashion bloggers seek to raise awareness about the amazing fashion culture south Florida has.

One fashion blogger in particular, The Fashion Poet has helped to raise awareness and promote the Miami fashion scene. Soho Studios, which is located in the Wynwood District, is a unique venue that hosts many types of events, is often home to many types of fashion events. Recently The Fashion Poet wrote a great blog about her shopping adventure at the American Apparel warehouse sale at Soho Studios, complete with pictures of all her spectacular fashion finds.

In addition to the growth of the local fashion scene, global fashion icons are beginning to notice Miami as well. For instance, Cartier and Louis Vuitton are scheduled to open locations in the Miami Design District in 2012. This global attention only further validates the impact that fashion bloggers have on the industry. With hundreds of people blogging about the latest clothing design trends in Miami, the rest of the world is starting to take note.

Before you know it, Miami will be competing with New York and Los Angeles as one of the top fashion cities in not only the country, but across the globe. This rise in fashion power is due in no small part because of the fashion bloggers that chronicle the every move, trend and option in local fashion. Whether they are showcasing a great sale, or announcing a new store that is bringing more fashion options to the area, fashion bloggers are on top of the Miami fashion scene.

Soho Studios has hosted many Miami fashion shows and provides a perfect space for your next fashion event in Miami. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Last Day - American Apparel Sale

It has been an exciting time with American Apparel. So many Miami locals, South Florida tourists, and International visitors stopped by to check out the Warehouse Sale. Today is the last day to get all the deep discounts to sporting the American Apparel gear.

Those that stopped by Soho this past week were buzzing around town about the great deals. This is over 35,000 sq ft of American Apparel clothing and accessories at a major discount. There are aisles and aisles, racks and racks of every color and style you can imagine.

Get here today while the sale is still going on and the deals are heating up!

Saturday, December 10: 10am to 10pm

Free admission Cash, credit, and debit accepted All items are FINAL SALE

American Apparel Warehouse Sale Miami

Soho Studios is home to the Wynwood Convention Center and coming up December 2-10 is the American Apparel Warehouse Sale. We're all excited for the Art Basel vibe sweeping through Miami, where art lovers can spend big bucks for valuable art. If you're into style and saving big bucks, then the American Apparel Warehouse Sale is for you.

Here's a quick Warehouse Sale guide from an event in LA...

Miami's showcase Warehouse sale is located in the heart of Wynwood, allowing fans to visit the galleries and art installations around town and then swing by Soho Studios to the American Apparel event.

Wynwood Convention Center 2136 NW 1st Ave Miami, FL 33127

Friday, December 2: 10am to 10pm Saturday, December 3: 10am to 10pm Sunday, December 4: 10am to 10pm Monday, December 5: 10am to 10pm Tuesday, December 6: 10am to 10pm Wednesday, December 7: 10am to 10pm Thursday, December 8: 10am to 10pm Friday, December 9: 10am to 10pm Saturday, December 10: 10am to 10pm

Free admission Cash, credit, and debit accepted All items are FINAL SALE

Take a look at the time lapse footage of this event.

Let everyone know if you're going - American Apparel Warehouse Sale