A kaleidoscope of color and RETAIL

If you were at this American Apparel sale you'll remember the aisles of color and stylishly dressed mannequins. It was a huge success and winning combination - Retail and Style in Wynwood, Miami!

The Armory at Soho Studios is the largest under-air section of the property, at roughly 40k sqft. This space is versatile and has been used for car expos, business conferences, film studios, concerts, and retail. American Apparel hosted their annual Warehouse Sale at Soho Studios and the people came from across South Florida to shop and save.

The time lapse video is amazing, it's the evolution of shopping and the organic nature of retail. American Apparel is perfect to demonstrate this point because of their vivid colors in each part of their collection. It's a kaleidoscope, a new way to experience retail.

Stay tuned to Soho Studios for more fun events and especially sales. This is the perfect place to run wild in a retail wonder-world.

If you remember the American Apparel Warehouse sale, drop us a line and comment.