Funkshion Returns to Miami

One of Miami's favorite organizations, the Funkshion Fashion Show, returned to host their Fall/Winter fashion this March, and for the first time they chose right here in the Wynwood Arts District as their home base. Funkshion is Miami's Fashion Week, held three times throughout the year. Taking great pride in their Miami home, Funkshion believes in serving as a connecting force between the Latin American and US fashion markets. One thing many love about Funkshion, is how well they showcase both established and emerging names in fashion. And as their name suggests, in representing the fashion world in Miami, they set themselves apart from other fashion weeks around the world by always being sure to bring the funk. Music and art are integrated into the events, including live DJs at many of the shows to get the audience dancing in their seats.

The Winter/Fall show ran from March 16-19, 2016 with a packed schedule. Highlights included opening night's discussion, "DESIGNED IN MIAMI," with internationally celebrated designers based in Miami discussing what it takes to find success in the fashion world in Miami and beyond.  Friday's fashion event, "EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!" inspired by the Richard Linklater film in theaters now was also a great highlight. Stars of the film made an appearance, including Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman and Tyler Hochelin. As with every fashion week that Funkshion hosts, one of the most beloved events is the Emerging Designer Series in which incredibly talented new designers who are just coming on to the scene are able to present their work in a high-profile show at no cost. March's show was no exception, with plenty of designers you'll surely be hearing from in the future.

Funkshion Events always welcomes the public to attend.  All of the events are free, one would just need to RSVP beforehand. As the Funkshion Fashion gears up for its next event this July, this is something to keep in mind. In true Miami style, they'll be celebrating swimwear in the event which runs from July 13-17, 2016. If you're a swimwear designer over the age of 21 then consider entering the Emerging Designer Series. One designer will be winning a trip to New York Fashion Week.

Funkshion Fashion Week is a great way to celebrate so much of what makes Miami great.  It brings established artists together with the newest talent and connects diverse cultures. The area is still buzzing from this event, and cannot wait to see what the next show has in store.

Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week and Liliana Montoya SwimWear

Miami Swim Week.jpg

From July 16 to July 19, Liliana Montoya SwimWear will benefit from Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week—promoting its retail brand while reaching high-fashion brackets alongside industry favorites. Funkshion, Miami’s lead fashion platform, hosts Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week to provide consumer visibility, brand awareness promotion and fashion reveals.

The Miami Beach Fashion Week

Miami’s annual event offers an innovative platform for both established and new designers, creating equal footing for industry connection. Insight is the fashion industry’s mainstay and profitability aspect, and Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week definitely procures excellent benefits from swimwear big-hitters and emerging brands in terms of visionary achievement.

Created for media showcasing, celebrity shows, emergent collection panels, style makers, market influence and integration opportunities, Funkshion’s Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week is unique in its industry approach. Its hosted swimwear environment promotes a variety of conventions and challenge overhauls—both reinventing the industry and playing upon its best fashion options.

Swim Fashion Week’s innovative environment combines conventional appeal with new, enriched styles. A triannual event, Funkshion harnesses over 40 fashion shows, presentations and events. Those taking part in Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week have instant connections to other year-round presentations, infusing their brand with adjoined art, music and event scenes. Viewer emergence is a high priority, creating a healthy environment for creativity and design.

Liliana Montoya SwimWear and Exclusivity

Liliana Montoya SwimWear’s heavy visibility during Miami Beach Swim Fashion week will promote its newest Mermaids line alongside exclusive bathing suit brands created through Colombian Liliana Montoya. The brand’s captured mermaid enchantment has been an industry niche for years, and this summer’s Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week will generate additional brand outreach for Liliana Montoya SwimWear’s relatively specific market access point.

With a high dedication to realized shapes, prints, textures, colors, stones, sequential borders and Swarovski’s, Liliana Montoya's product line is well-placed in Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week. Seasonal offerings, signatures and emerging retail products will be featured, providing the event with high-fashion insight and industry favorite designs.

Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week’s Diversity

Traditional fashion requires ease-of-access when music, culture and diversity grow. Miami Beach’s growing cultural diversity plays a large role in Swarovski’s Liliana Montoya SwimWear’s market expansion, as visionary brands have become increasingly relevant and visible. Funkshion is renowned for its viewer submergence efforts, enhancing fashion’s draw from art and music.

Swarovski’s Liliana Montoya SwimWear is perfectly positioned to connect both Latin American and U.S markets, as Miami’s production brands have become more multicultural and more accessible. A company focusing on fashion specialization, presentation concept, innovative production and execution, Funkshion’s hosting will likely direct Liliana Montoya SwimWear’s in great directions.

Social Media Visibility

Strategic vision and life are also exposed to dynamic multimedia events, fashioning trends with state-of-the-art equipment, professional delivery and immediate connection to the world’s top-rated social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. As multimedia plays a larger role in fashion brand extension, dynamic, client-branded environments are needed.

Miami Beach Swim Fashion Week intends to support brands while offering invaluable marketing resources. Any supported brand is equipped with visibility packages capable of being a “one-stop-shop”, media-wise. Swarovski’s Liliana Montoya SwimWear’s high-profile positioning, here, is a huge benefit.

Funky Fashion Foray

Lights, Camera, Action! That’s the pulse of the atmosphere at this year’s Funky Fashion Foray in conjunction with Funkshion’s Fashion Week events July 16-19. Always drawing a huge crowd, this year is no different, with photographers and models from all over the world. It’s a Fashion Party

Designed to welcome models, photographers, celebrities and private clients to the event, The Funky Fashion Foray is summer’s way of saying welcome to the fashion world. A multi-day venue, ticket holders will enjoy events, parties and an additional fashion show as an upcoming teaser for the events taking place throughout the week poised to offer an enhanced experience for participants.

Make it Fashionable

A venue designed for beautiful people, the Funky Fashion Foray is the perfect place to make things happen. A tantalizing teaser, patrons will be wowed beyond belief, elevating the stock in VIPs and others participating in this exclusive Fashion Week. There’s nothing better than feeling as if you are a part of the inner circle.

Parties will also be hosted by major sponsors Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority, Peroni Italy and Nespresso, with each one different and more extravagant than the next. Visitors and event participants will experience Miami beyond the beach, experiencing beautiful Wynwood for a different vibe and feel of the city. Although the runways at The Setai, Soho Beach House, SLS, Thompson Hotel, and One State of the Art Tent are huge venues, these intimate parties are a very good look.

More than Bargained

Tickets for these events start at $20 with a VIP pass, and $50 for general admission. Tickets are sold at Ticketmaster and are going fast, as the Funkshion Fashion Events are invitation only. Experience fashion at its best with the Funky Fashion Foray!

FUNKSHION is Miami's leading fashion platform that provides an innovative way for established and emerging designers to showcase their collections to media, celebrities, international buyers, style makers and influencers. The unique environment that challenges convention enriches and diversifies Funkshion into multidisciplinary experience that brings visionary brands together. FUNKSHION is a triannual event that includes over 40 fashion shows and presentations year-round. Traditional fashion infused with art and music creates a new way to submerge the viewer and encourage creativity.