How to increase ticket sales for events

If you want to maximize ticket sales for your next event, start by choosing a venue that is known for staging events that are similar to yours. It is also important to pick a venue that has a great reputation for putting on sizzling events send a statement, right at the outset, that yours is a must attend event.

Once your event is set, intelligent marketing can push sales of tickets, while keeping your promotional costs to a minimum.

Social media, email blasts, Google AdWords, contests, press releases, ticket barters, submission to online event calendars and more are all inexpensive ways to move tickets.

Using Google AdWords

Everyone has, at one time or another, used Google to search for something. Using Google AdWords can be of enormous help if you use the keywords correctly and target properly. This laser pointed marketing can help ticket sales soar.

Social Media

Get people talking about your event with an event page on Facebook. Enlist the help of everyone involved with the event. They probably have pages and a long list of friends already, and this is a great inexpensive way to start a fire. Word-of-mouth can be one of the best tools to insure that people will show up to your event, and Facebook is a great word-of-mouth tool.


Holding a contest that people can enter to win free tickets is a great way to get a lot of people involved and word out about your event. You can combine social media and contests to create a buzz about your event. Consider creating a VIP package that can only be won through your contest, perhaps including limo service and dinner.

E-mail Blasts

Almost everyone has an e-mail. Most companies create an e-mail list that they have accumulated through the years. This could potentially be a gold mine of prospective attendees. You may consider offering email members a discount to encourage quick action and set an “order by” date.

Press Release

Create a news-worthy press release detailing your event and distribute it to area media and websites whose readers would have an interest in your event. Any exposure in the media can be valuable.

All of these sources can boost sales of tickets and income. There are affordable resources available for the promotion of your event. Get a team together and get working on your own creative ideas as well.