World's Largest Congo Line on Miami Beach

More and more marketing agencies today are utilizing experiential marketing as part of their client’s overall marketing plans. Experiential is marketing that consumers “experience”. Rather than traditional marketing that demonstrates a product or projects images about how consumers should feel about a product, experiential marketing is hands-on. It gives potential customers an opportunity to interact and leave feeling good about the product. It works because it builds a bond between the brand and the consumer that can be extremely powerful. Venues in Miami are becoming a popular place for many experiential marketing efforts, including one for Evian water.

South Beach was the setting for the brand’s efforts to set a record for the world’s longest roller skating conga line. The conga line was part of Evian’s “Live Young, Skate On!” event at Collins Park. Participants were treated to amusing T-Shirts, creative skate dancing, a photo booth, colorful skates, an appearance by actress Gabrielle Union, and of course lots of Evian water. The event was a perfect combination of beach, water, sunshine, and experiential marketing. When it was all said and done, 197 people participated in the event, and as you will see from this YouTube video, they were exactly the people Evian is targeting. They were successful, by the way, in setting the record.

More and more experiential marketing events in Florida are taking place. If you are looking for a great locale and venues in Miami that may be suitable, contact us at Soho Studios. In the trendy Wynwood District, Soho Studios has 65,000 square feet of versatile event space Miami has used for fashion shows, Art Basel Wynwood, and South Florida's hottest parties. Our clients have included Ford Motor, Puma, Absolut, American Apparel and yes, Evian. Miami’s event season is November through March, so let Soho Studios help you take advantage of the crowds. Contact us today and let us talk about the opportunities that await you at Miami's premier event space, Soho Studios.

Evian brand launch in Miami

Miami events are the best way to start a buzz and create hype around your product, brand, charitable cause, or any other movement to hit the scene. Our event space can be transformed to fit your needs. Here at this Evian event our venue was created to host a large group of attendees with music, art, and fun. Evian launched their live young campaign at Soho Studios. This brand launch was a brand marketing event that fused music, art, clothing and video to promote their new campaign.

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