Engaging Millennials to Increase Exposure


The Millenial generation, also known as "Generation Y," is composed of those born from 1980 to the early 2000s. A corporation's events can become more successful by attracting a broader base of attendees. This generation is quickly becoming more and more critical to an event's success, as they're known as the young professionals in the company. Many of them, though still young, are real power players and significantly influence the company's success. Check out these four strategies to attract Millennials to an upcoming event.

1. Keep it casual.

Most Millienials aren't into the frills of a formal affair. Their generation is sometimes noted for wearing jeans in the work environment and enjoying open offices that allow for easy collaboration with colleagues. Make the event appealing to them by keeping it informal and in a relaxed environment.

2. Make the event an interactive experience.

Group interaction and collaboration are very important to most millennials. Make sure to extend the invitation with a "+1," so they can bring a friend or partner along. About 70% of Millennials have never married. Consider making the event even more interactive with a concert or some type of fun race.

3. Place a strong emphasis on social media.

Prior to the event, market it with social media. Offer discounts to followers. Post related videos and photos to build excitement for the event. Include content that is interactive and shareable. Develop a hashtag specific to the event. At the event, attendees can then interact and post messages with the company's brand. Once the event has ended, send a blast out with thanks, results of the event, or promotionals. Grab even more Millenial attention by inserting a QR code on all marketing materials. Such a code can scan the user directly to the registration or company's home page.

4. Make the event one with social awareness.

Millenials are aware of the greater social good. Make the event a "green" event to appeal to the environmentalists. Having a portion of the proceeds designated to go to local charity is another way to appeal to Millenial's sense of social awareness.

If all these strategies are implemented, the event is likely to be filled with those wearing high tops, men with buns or ponytails, and young eager faces. Considering this population makes up approximately one-third of the workforce in the United States, this group simply cannot be left behind. Make sure you make it a point to bring in the young, professional and fun crowd to have a successful event!

TigerDirect’s Tech Bash in Miami

TigerDirect’s fourth annual Tech Bash will be astounding. Stationed in the Miami Marlins Park, TigerDirects event marketing schedule reveals its latest, greatest technology. Tech enthusiasts, industry professionals and consumers are welcome—generating the brand’s public enrichment and outreach program.

Innovative Millennial Access

TigerDirect’s Tech Bash will take place on November 6 this year, and its holiday season outreach directly targets Millennials. Of course, IT experts, families and business executives are welcome, though Tech Bash has, in recent years, notoriously attracted Millennial guests with modern consumer technology passions.

Tech Bash offers gaming, live music, fun-filled events and widespread entertainment. While its primary focus is on consumer technology, activities are forefront inclusions. Over 120 big-name tech names will be present—generating a charged atmosphere promoting the world’s latest, greatest technology. Guests are welcome to experience innovative solutions from Google, witness Intel’s latest designs and browse other industry elites—like Samsung, LG, Lenovo and HP. TigerDirect’s famous approach to a “one roof covers all” marketing strategy continues to please—generating new opportunities for younger generations.

Live Entertainment—Live Marketing

TigerDirect’s dedication to widespread technology access is its primary resource. The brand’s innovative marketing approach increases its industry insight, empowers brand newcomers and gauges the modern consumer’s market evolution.

Highly creative, Tech Bash has never failed to be a big hit on a basic platform. Build-a-PC races, big-name artists, food trucks, digital caricatures, drones and the industry’s newest VR Tech have appeared in the past, and consumer visitors are always prompted to consider technology’s future.

End-users, of course, are TigerDirect’s star audience segment. Pre-holiday showcases define its marketing effort end-game, and top premier brands only accelerate TigerDirect’s consumer outreach. Live marketing is very viable for such a notable brand.

Local tech Start-Ups and Industry Newcomers

TigerDirect’s industry positioning grants it exceptional power through newcomers. Because of this, their tech start-up company support is a notable marketing effort. Local tech startup representatives are highly regarded at Tech Bash, and TigerDirect is very nurturing of such entities. Entrants must be over age 13—and for good reason: Marketing efforts prevail when marketing segments are pinpointed and accessed.

Tech Bash is about TigerDirect’s consumers and soon-to-be tech supporters. It’s about the electronics enabling future sustainability, scale and growth.

The Connected Home and Memorable Evenings

TigerDirect understands modern electronics. It understands a high focus on connectivity and accessibility. Its 2015 event won’t only focus on emerging technology. It’ll focus on time-tested-and-true industry cornerstones. Interactive entertainment, gaming rigs and home theater networking are all TigerDirect powerhouse avenues—and Tech Bash will promote each.

Tech Bash provides the perfect opportunity for connectivity-based product marketing. It’s an event, and it’s contingent upon consumer visitation. The climate is perfect for promoting intuitive home systems, and its marketing boon rests within the platform’s social capabilities. In essence, TigerDirect’s Tech Bash reflects the industry’s highest potential in an accessible atmosphere.

Technology’s future should be relatable, flexible and fast-paced. TigerDirect spares nothing when multiple supporting brands are featured, and it gains everything when consumers, future creators and well-known suppliers are empowered together.