This ride runs on screams

In the old days of marketing, brands would shout their message and people would passively sit and watch. That was the TV generation. It was the print generation. It was the radio generation. Today we have the Internet generation, the viral generation.

Before we go on, take a look at this YouTube video from a marketing campaign titled Volkswagen Up: A Scream Powered Olympic Car.

Why This Ride Runs On Screams

Volkswagen created this video leading up to the 2012 Olympic games. They modified the Volkswagen and invited Dutch Olympic fans an opportunity to win tickets to the London Games by making the Volkswagen go as fast as they could make it go, but the cars were powered by the participants' screams. It's an incredible example of a powerful experiential marketing campaign that worked.

According to Fearless Competitor, experiential marketing works because it relies on the emotional drive of the participants.

Getting people involved in marketing to themselves takes some savvy. But that's what marketers in the 21st century do. It's time to use the tools of the future to make a big impact today because the next ride might run on more than screams.

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