What is Brand Marketing?

You can find brand marketing among all successful business plans out there and what is brand marketing is a significant question. Brand Marketing requires lot of detail and in depth knowledge of the essence of a particular brand to work. The goal of this type of marketing is that your brand should be recognized and well known by people whenever and wherever they see it.

This commercial for Apple Computers that aired during the 1984 Super Bowl was the beginning a marketing strategy that took the brand to the level that it is today.

Brand Marketing Examples


What is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is the process of creating brand awareness. It is a procedure that takes some time to execute and to ensure that your brand is in the minds of the consumer the way it is intended. Most successful companies have a history of a lot of time and effort put out in their brand marketing campaigns.

To answer what is brand marketing, there are generally two types:

Personal Branding

In this form of brand marketing the company makes an individual (could be the owner) associated with a feeling or as an authority in a specific industry. In most cases personal branding is used more for film stars or other entertainment individuals. Madonna is great example of an individual who is now their own personal brand.

Company Branding

Here is where the company is associated with a feeling or as an authority in a specific industry. Apple is an example that comes to mind when thinking of a company with an effective brand marketing strategy.

There are many ways to market your brand, and advertising can be everything from strategic product placement in a TV show, to a brand sponsored event. Now the question of what types of brand marketing campaigns will work best for your brand depends on you or your company’s objective. For example, if your brand is energy drink it would be a good idea would be to sponsor some kind of extreme sporting event, such as the XGames.

Brand marketing has become an integral part of all businesses because consumers, in general, have become very brand conscious. People usually tend to avoid brands that are unfamiliar. Many consumers are willing to purchase and expensive brand over an unknown brand. When finding the perfect formula for what is brand marketing, it is wise to explore many options before putting together the strategy that will work best for you.