Sunset Music Festival

Would you buy concert tickets from Facebook?

For years concert promoters have recognized that concert tickets are best sold by word of mouth. With the Facebook Buy Ticket button, word of mouth ticket sales have taken a big stride with social media.

Facebook’s Buy Ticket button allows music lovers to buy concert tickets right from their Facebook page. The online ticket sales app will post the purchase to the user’s news feeds, and allow them to invite others to the show. The app promises to spread the word of tickets sales online more quickly through the social media giant.

Not only is the app expected to help promote and sell concert tickets, but it also is tied in with Spotify. This relationship tracks the type of music the Facebook user is interested in and can make them aware when artists they listen to will be performing in their area. This particular application also ties in the "likes" of a Facebook user, making it a powerful marketing tool especially when used for lesser known artists who do not get mainstream press.

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Sunset Music Festival - Are you ready?

The music fans in Miami are buzzing about Sunset Music Festival this weekend. The party is launching this Saturday, August 11th and it will be an epic event of virtuoso DJs.

The lineup of artists is incredibly impressive, here's a sampling of what's to come this weekend at Sunset Music Festival.

Bunny (of Rabbit In the Moon), EDC 2012, Cato K, Billboard Electronic Album Charts, Pedro M, “Hear Her & Bringing the Beat Back” Eran Hersh & Darmon, “MBR&Twinkiller Vs Eren Hersh & Darmon ft. Stacy Michelle-Feel It” DJ Xta-C, RioTGeaR, Tech House, “Live from Space Ibiza’s Opening Fiesta” DJ Jounce ft. Jowynalex, WMC 2012, Gravity World Tour/Ultra,Room Trip Music “Fuera Del Universo” MTV, Warner Music Group/Universal Records Mark Ivan, “You Bring the Love Outta Me” Nikolas & Albert Day, Nervous Records We Play House, Super Duo DJ’s Salvatore & John Paul Systemattic, Electro, Breakbeat & Miami Bass

If you're looking for the ultimate in Music in Miami, Sunset Music Festival is the answer. Be sure to check out the party at Soho Studios in Miami.