The Art Bar from Absolut at Art Basel Miami Beach

Absolut Vodka is no stranger to creative marketing that catches the attention of young people and international-minded fashion. However, many are not aware that Absolut has been committed for over three decades to supporting the arts, many times funding major construction installations as well. One of their more recent projects involved the installation of an art bar designed by Los Carpinteros which gained lots of attention and reviews at Art Basel Miami Beach. 

Brand Marketing at Art Basel Miami Beach

Los Carpinteros are a Havana-based collective that produce art from carpentry with no specific individual claiming authorship. Instead, dedicating themselves to an approach from years before, Los Carpinteros attribute accomplishment to the entire group of workers, similar to past guilds of carpenters. Their work has been displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Los Angeles County Art Museum, and the Tate Modern Museum in London.

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