Finding the perfect event space

Whether it is a corporate event or a launch party, finding an event space is an important part of event planning. An accessible venue where almost everything is convenient, such as entertainment, business, and commerce are the more popular settings for almost all types of corporate and special events. If your guests are traveling from out of town a location where there are hotels and other event venues can also be a top choice for event planners. Large corporate events, trade shows, press conferences, or even a simple business meeting can well be accommodated in venues with these features.

Event Space Needle and Mudhoney

Think out of the box to find the perfect event space. In celebration of Seattle record label Sub Pop's 25th anniversary Mudhoney performed a show atop the Seattle Space Needle.

An event space should meet the requirements of your event type, in addition to  fitting within the budget for your event. Some event spaces offer all the amenities and facilities that might be necessary for the event, and some may only offer a raw space, so you may have to retain some event services from an outside vendor, such as catering and security. Remember that a venue selection plays a major role in the success of any event, so be mindful of the details in the process of looking.

In finding an event space, these factors can be helpful:


Peak seasons usually affect  pricing. It is best to explore options in places where rates are considerate and does not drastically change. Choose a location where spaces are flexible yet quality amenities, service and facilities are still the top priorities. Get down to date with slower periods, or suggest an alternative schedule and dates to negotiate a better price.

Detail Oriented

Give more attention to details since even a minor overlook may lead to disaster on the big day. Just be familiar with the details of the venue and check on the very basic requirements of finding an event space. Evaluate and define the specific needs of the event before finally deciding on the location.

Check Event History

An event planner usually keeps records of the past events which includes various event spaces, venues and even the corresponding prices. This can be useful in finding an event space. In some instances, event planners who had been a frequent customer for event venues usually get prioritized and given a much lower price and discounts.

Finding the perfect event space and negotiating with various venues can require time. It can be difficult to identify if you got the best deal. When it comes down to it, select an event space that meets the needs of the event, without jeopardizing finances. When negotiating, it might be helpful to  inform the owner of a certain venue for a possible repeat reservations in the future, for some yearly business meetings or annual convention perhaps. An incentive or a promotion might be offered during the negotiation to secure the perfect event space.