Creating corporate event promotion and branding

Planning an event for your company can serve a variety of purposes, whether that event is staff related or something that is open to members of the community, it yields great potential to raise awareness about your company and /or product. Plan your event right, and at the right venue and you'll soon hear people talk about the innovative way you've managed to market your brand.

Trade shows and business conferences are both situations where event space may be needed. A trade show may require an open space that allows customers and potential customers to freely browse and look at your product. For a business conference you may want a more stylish decor with spaces available for one on one networking and negotiation. In either case, Soho Studios in Miami has the space to suit your needs.

Soho Studios in Miami is also known as the Wynwood Convention Center. No matter what you call it, you'll find it to be among the most versatile spaces in the city. Whether you are putting together an industry trade show to help market your company's product and support your brand, or your company is sponsoring a charity event, you will raise a better awareness and by choosing a flexible space with an artistic history you'll give yourself an even better opportunity to be innovative.

Although you want your company and the product you provide to be distinctive and promote your brand, it is also important to show a cooperative spirit, and save money. If you plan your event on your own, you can rent just the space you need. However many companies find success when they work with other companies or non-profit agencies. By picking a good event partner you lend distinction to your brand and promote your value to the community.

Soho Studios is located at the Wynwood Convention Center in Miami, in Miami's Wynwood Art District. Originally, the building was home to a dry cleaner, but it has become so much more. In addition to trade shows and conferences, it can be home to concerts, parties, photo shoots, fashion shoot, film production and more.