Step by Step Guide to Packing the House

Planning an event can make you feel like a professional juggler. You find yourself juggling all sorts of details from reserving the right venue to lining up entertainment. It  is not simply enough to plan out the event. You also need to do all the right things to promote it.

Putting time and energy into event promotions is necessary to generate buzz. You know you have done your job right when the event sells out. Your path to increasing ticket sales to sellout levels starts with incorporating these marketing strategies:

1. Create Media Partnerships

One effective way to garner immediate attention is to partner up with a prominent magazine or website that falls within a niche relevant to the event. Offer free tickets they can give away to their readers in exchange for promoting your event. It will earn your event instant credibility with their audience if they get involved.

2. Offer Early Bird Specials

Reward people who buy tickets to your event in advance. Structure ticket packages so that advance purchases can be made at a discount. That will bring a nice boost to selling tickets ahead of the event because people are always searching for good deals.

3. Advertise on Social Media

Use Facebook ad campaign and LinkedIn ad campaigns to promote the event to people within your industry. Create targeted ads for these social media channels that link directly to the event registration page. Keep your pages on these sites updated with information related to the event. You can also create a hashtag for Twitter that includes the event name and post tweets about the upcoming event with that hastag.

4. Promote Fun Features

Will a famous celebrity be headlining your event? Get the word out. Promote the entertainment you will be featuring at the event. Whether it is a famous athlete or a popular musician, good entertainment makes it easier selling tickets and creating a positive buzz.

5. Give Away Prizes

People love getting free swag. That's a fact of life. You can make your event a hit simply by offering tons of free swag to people who show up. Leverage sponsorships and partnerships to give away prizes and free goodies at your event.