Finding the best trade show venue

A trade show is only as good as the venue you choose for hosting it. Choosing the right trade show venue involves doing your homework so you can make an informed selection. An event planner needs to find a venue that will fit the needs of their event. It's not a stretch to say your choice of venue can make or break your event.

Considering these factors will help your find the right space for your event:

Venue Location

Location matters in event planning. Exhibitors and attendees want to go to a place that is easy to find, easy to reach and easy to leave. An event that makes it a chore to get to and from the venue will leave a bad taste in the mouths of all parties involved. The ideal venue is centrally located, has plenty of parking and offers plenty of transportation options. If you are planning corporate events in Miami, for example, the best event space Miami has to offer will likely be attached to a hotel at a convention center or near an airport.

Venue Space

The size of your event dictates your space needs. You should find a venue that can serve corporate events of all sizes, adding or closing off space as needed. It doesn't look good if you have too many trade show booths crammed into a small venue or a handful of exhibitors spread out over a cavernous convention center.

Venue Services

It's always a good idea to compare and contrast trade show venues and see what type of events they are accustomed to handling. Inquire about what additional services they offer for conference planning or trade show planning. Find a staff that is experienced in handling these types of events and can set up everything from small meeting areas to large conference rooms for your event.

Venue Equipment

Selecting a venue with audio/visual equipment in proper working order is mandatory for ensuring a smooth event. Don't hesitate to meet with the venue staff and request to try it out before reserving the venue. Audio and video problems during your trade show can cause unnecessary embarrassment.