What is a Twitter party and why should I attend?

Social Media has changed the way we communicate in the digital age. Twitter Parties offer one of the latest examples of this trend. Using Twitter as a platform to stage a virtual party is becoming a popular way for spark conversations around a particular event or brand.

Twitter Parties are typically held in the evening and last up to two hours. Twitter users tweet with a specific hashtag that is connected to the party. Hashtags are announced by the party host a short time before the party starts. All Twitter topics discussed within the party are related directly or indirectly to that central hashtag.

A Twitter party is organized. It usually features an expert panelist who introduces the designated topic of discussion and a party host who keeps the discussion on topic. People who want to join the conversation can simply check their Twitter feed for the appropriate hashtags or they can check their Twitter party calendar to see when the party is scheduled.

Using Twitter as a party platform offers an effective method for planning your event or promoting your event. You can reach thousands of people all at once and it is much more cost effective than traditional advertising. Twitter and other Social Media sites are an ideal channel for engaging your target audience. You can connect with friends, colleagues, clients and potential clients all in one place.

Twitter parties are a great tool for building positive brand identity. It isn't just about promoting your event. It is also about promoting your brand. You can ignite a conversation on Twitter that results in thousands of tweets in one evening that are completely centered around your brand. Such parties can be used to introduce a new product or service your company is offering, promote an upcoming event or simply connect with people who love your brand.

Many businesses would kill for the sort of exposure a party staged on Twitter offers. It is several hours of free publicity and positive word-of-mouth you can't afford to pass up for your event or your brand.