Tips on picking an event promoter

Working with event promoters should be an exciting, energetic experience. Sadly, in the event planning process, all too often an event promoter can over-promise and under-produce. However if you are looking at event space in Miami there are some great promoters.

Here are some tips on picking the good ones.


Look for promoters who are passionate about their work. Event promotion is not an easy job, so those who are successful love it, and that passion should show. Enthusiasm is contagious.


Great promoters have large networks of contacts, friends, and associates who can help get the word out about the event. Find out about their media relationships with local TV, radio and print. A diverse network can also help out in the event of a problem.


You’ll want to talk with bands and venues about an event promoter. You’ll get feedback that can quickly help you find the right person.


Promoting a music festival in Miami is different than promoting an industry trade show. It’s important to find an event promoter with a proven success rate promoting your particular type of event.

People Skills

Look for an event promoter that can work well with everyone involved in your event. People who have and use good people skills build longer lasting, trusting relationships.


Everyone gets busy, but you don’t want an important piece of paperwork overlooked or a meeting missed when planning your event. Organization is a key quality of a good event promoter.

Social Media Skills

Especially in music promotions, finding an event promoter who is skilled in social media is critical. Social media can start a fire about your event and you want a promoter who has the matches.

Everyone wins when an event is promoted successfully, whether it is a fashion show, a launch party or a car show. Be sure you keep these event promotion tips in mind to ensure that your next event is a great success!