Video Mapping for Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that video mapping was for corporations with huge advertising budgets and a desire to be cutting edge. Make no mistake, video mapping today is still amazing, but it is much more affordable and available today for grand openings, premiers, product launches and award ceremonies. Venues in Miami have used video mapping to create eye-popping and memorable events. Events in Miami, such as Ultra Music Festival, use video mapping as a form of video fireworks to amaze crowds.

Video mapping uses lighting and video techniques projected onto buildings to make them appear to come alive, and create an experience for those watching that challenges the mind. The technique is still being invented and perfected into 3-D formats.

Atlantic City has a new light, sound and video mapping show along its boardwalk this summer that transforms the boardwalk nightly. It is all in an effort to re-brand the otherwise quiet New Jersey shoreline. Heineken Beer recently combined social media and video mapping to create a giant infographic that detailed fans thoughts about the brand’s Heineken Cup. Video mapping was also used to debut the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cleveland.

Video mapping can make a building appear to be burning, crumbling, and changing its structure, literally while you are watching it. It creates a visual impression that is remarkable, and most of the time, unforgettable. If you are into branding and looking for a venue in Miami that can help you with video mapping, contact us at Soho Studios. Soho Studios has over 65,000 square feet of event space in Miami that is just perfect for any event and effect that you may wish to create. We can assist you with cutting edge technology that can create an experience you and your guests won't soon forget. Want to make a real impression? Consider video mapping, and Soho Studios can help.

Whether it is a corporate meeting, video shoot, fashion show, or product introduction, Soho Studio's professional team of experts can help in get it done in South Florida. Want to know more? Contact us at Soho Studios...Miami's premier event venue.