Experiential Marketing & Running with Ryan Hall

Racing ahead of the competition in marketing takes a skill set of multiple strengths. As one of the hottest venues in Miami, Soho Studios is one of your greatest assets. Providing a power play with the venue of your events in Florida, you can create a lasting, memorable experience that has solid marketing stamina. Just consider the New York Marathon advertising opp featuring America's great Olympic marathon runner Ryan Hall.

Vitro and ASICS: Mock Marathon in Subway Station

ASICS created a one of a kind experience that combined an adrenaline pumping activity with an unlikely atmosphere. Like many of the party venues Miami and Soho Studios offers, Vitro placed an interactive exhibit via ASICS along the hallway of the Columbus Circle subway in New York City. This marketing maneuver allowed the marketing company to advertise the New York City Marathon in an unlikely arena—an indoor venue. Along the length of a wall, a video playing Hall at marathon speed allowed passersby to “race” with Hall. In addition to showing how fast this Olympian runs in marathons, it provided a rush of enthusiasm for the upcoming NYC Marathon.

By combining the targeted audience with activity, a marketing campaign becomes as potent as a dynamic duo. Additionally, in using an indoor venue, such as those venues in Miami that include Soho Studios, you can interact with a more diverse audience. As the leader in the indoor event space Miami takes advantage of its premium location and audience, while providing a highly sought after respite from the hot climate.

If you are interested in finding a host for your next event, Soho Studios is where its at for events in Florida. Let your imagination run wild as you plan your next music, art, sports, fashion or beverage—just to name a few—marketing event. Located in the Wynwood District of Miami, FL, the Soho Studios is a 65,000 sq. ft. space that offers an unlimited option for event planners. Whether you are planning to launch your fashion line at Miami Fashion Week or you need to use a professional photography studio Miami and Soho Studios is the destination of the stars.