NBC and Nitro Circus Live

On November 17, NBC’s host of Nitro Circus Live will feature heart-stopping stunts, performing athletes, record-tricks, freestyle motocross, skate and BMX. Nitro Circus is well-known for its fascinating, excitement-inducing antics, and NBC’s direct sponsorship definitely injects its brand with a new range of motion.

The Nitro Circus Live Event Roundup

Nitro Circus’s eccentric barnstormers imbue the modern flying circus with some of the industry’s finest, most exciting inclusions. Daredevil vehicles, wings and wheels are all there, run by expert stunt-men and women. Most of the event’s air-side activities have, in the past, featured astounding tricks like the ‘double front-flip tail-whip,’ while smaller tricks run amuck across the stage below.

Nitro Circus infuses adrenaline and gasoline, creating fiery displays with a circus-like vibe. It’s all showbiz, but the event’s dangers are very real. Performers take good time preparing for every turn, every trick and every angle, ensuring protection is maximized. Its non-motorized Giganta Ramp is the event’s mainstay, attracting repeat visitors on its merits alone. Harnessing a design revaling one of Evel Knievel, the Giganta Ramp launches non-motorized vehicles up to 60 mph in seconds.

NBC’s Sports Ventures

In 2010, the Nitro Circus television show was adapted and enhanced by its at-the-time CEO, Michael Porra. The all-new, must-see live event might’ve replaced the television phenomenon, but Nitro Circus Live garnered an entirely new audience and smashed box office records. Its diehard television fans arrived, and its masses from Australia, Canada, Europe, the United States, Japan, China, New Zealand, South Africa and the Middle East heralded an in-the-flesh event.

NBC’s Sports Ventures Unit, meanwhile, acquired and developed new angles to target the Nitro Circus Live audience. The NBC Sports Ventures Unit, itself, has repeatedly developed new properties for NBCSN, NBC Sports and the Golf Channel. All of NBC Sports Ventures properties are directly sponsored by NBC, and big-name brands like Reebok Spartan Race, Red Bull Signature Series and Nitro Circus are but a few of its grandest obtainments.

Visibility and Popularity

Nitro Circus live thrives beneath NBC, acquiring massive popularity through Facebook, Twitter and television spots. The NBC Sports Group and Nitro Circus have recently created a multi-year partnership, pairing with Jed Mildon’s record-breaking BMX quadruple backflip event. Nitro Circus: Crazy Train, meanwhile, has become NBC’s newest eight-part series. The reality series, capable of sustaining the original Nitro Circus weight, will be featured on NBCSN.

In the world of experimental marketing, Nitro Circus Live takes the cake in terms of direct approaches. Motorbike backflips, global media attention, famous athletes and event face-offs drive Nitro Circus Live, and NBC’s umbrella impact pushes the limits. Adapted from a show to a live event, Nitro Circus Live is an extraordinary maneuver. The brand’s attention, first and foremost, was derived from its power-packed construction. While a live event seems, at first, almost necessary, Nitro Circus Live is the result of years of planning. Likely, NBC will continue Nitro Circus Live alongside Nitro Circus: Crazy Train, partnering the event’s jaw-clenching features with the brand’s original market platform.