Breakfast with the Business Journal Reaches Publishers

The Business Journal takes a unique approach to experiential marketing, extending its staff to outside publishers, artists, reporters and future industry impactors throughout the year across in different cities across the US. In April 2015, Breakfast with the Business Journal granted professionals the chance to meet Virginia's newest publisher James MacGregor alongside editors from the Business Journal newsroom. On December 10, a “business ready” breakfast takes place in Lavaca Plaza where Austin Business Journal is headquartered.

All About Networking

Breakfast with the Business Journal appeals to professionals in news and publishing. The Business Journal, highly practical with weekly additions, online tools, newsstand apps and free book lists, thrives on community interaction. Breakfast with the Business Journal offers an unparalleled forum for making professional connections, asking experts questions and continuing discussions that facilitate community progress.

Story Pitches and Reports

Of course, The Business Journal considers story pitches a major resource. Breakfast with the Business Journal enhances its marketing strategy by offering direct channel connection. Event-goers are urged to pitch stories, bring research, talk to editors and discuss with reporters. While the Business Journal may be the event’s centerfold, it certainly isn’t the only featured entity. Great door prizes, special subscription rates and story mentions await those taking part in Breakfast with the Business Journal.

Sponsorship Power

In Virginia, Founding Farmers Tysons was an incredible impactor at the April 2015 breakfast. The event’s sponsor, a member of the Farmers Restaurant Group, is well-known for its American culinary expertise. Each dish is packed with historical tradition, culinary perfection and awesome additions. Founding Farmers Tysons carries an award-winning bar program, serving customers through breakfast and dinner. Farmers Tysons is an excellent event assistant here, as Breakfast with the Business Journal carries a “community first” marketing strategy.

Such a marketing strategy isn’t overshadowed by the Founding Farmers Tysons way, either. While the direct sponsor offers a stunning 265-seat sustainable design space, Founding Farmers Tyson created a new dining design specifically for the event.

The Business Journal benefits from a wealth of other affiliates—and each is present at various events to garner new stories, publishing power, praise and sustainable business operations. An entirely unique and refreshing event, Breakfast with the Business Journal is a potent strategy for bringing together loyal clientele.