FireBox's In-Depth Development Workshop

Marketing indie game development can be tough, and balancing resource management with outreach is critical. FireBox, as an independent game design group, has fermented a solid experiential marketing strategy—and it’s all about promoting future developers.

A Practical Approach to Team Management and Outreach

Indie game developers face considerable difficulty with both promotion and retention. They’re small entities, entities often “shoved out” of a demanding market. Crowd sourcing, inbound marketing efforts and expo appearances are important tools for indie developer promotion—but they often aren’t enough.

FireBox, first and foremost, reacts to industry barriers with its hands-on video game design course. Its February 6 programing course engages consumers and future developers alike. Focused on promotion, FireBox’s event serves to attract the industry’s newest minds by discussing emergent technology, new trends and industry health.

FireBox’s game development presentation informs event-goers about the various careers available to game designers. It furthermore creates a healthy learning environment for future industry impactors seeking educational options. Unfortunately, institutional assistance with direct game design—while existent—may be difficult to locate for some.

The FireBox Approach to Classes

FireBox’s development team stands by to walk event-goers through online class, gaming school and post-grad options. By hosting such an event, FireBox gains reputability in its resource population: young pre and post-grads. Hosting a marketing event aimed at the success of indie gaming, FireBox’s presence is a must-have event for Sandy residents and Salt Lake Community members alike. FireBox shares goals similar to those already stationed in the professional game development industry, too.

Their education-focused workshops align the gaming industry’s goals with feasible calls-to-action. Each FireBox session discusses the viability of creative endeavors, expressing their brand strategy to potential newcomers. While FireBox classes are classes, they’re entirely supportive of the FireBox “way of life,” in which the game development group snowballs community enthusiasm to support causes, both local and abroad.

Event Hosting and Impact

The FireBox game development group doesn’t ignore it identity, either. Its leader, Ellis Elkis, is the event’s main speaker. A Brigham Young University Provo graduate, Ellis Elkis’s position as a game developer, student and creative mind is capable of extending FireBox ideologies to future industry minds. His impact in the game world for four years extends to computer apps, tablet apps, storyboarding, concept creation, graphics design, After Effects work and more.

Unique Marketing Outreach

The FireBox way urges industry newcomers to reach industry entry. Of course, targeting growing industry gurus is a phenomenal way to ensure contingent company growth. The indie game development industry rarely surfaces with such workshops, as indie game development teams allocate most funds towards in-house progress and game development, itself.

FireBox’s market outreach is fueled by connecting to the minds responsible for the indie gaming industry. Its experiential marketing efforts, while still un-gaged, contain a lot of promise. The indie gaming industry, itself, is still growing. While facing great competition from industry elites, it still manages to capture the attention of a big pool of technology and software creators. Indie production teams often recruit, and raising awareness, for FireBox, creates awareness and resource channels alike.