Stella’s Multi-Sensory Meal


In September, Stella Artois broke out its world-renowned chef team, crafting a fine-tuned sensory experience for brand and brew lovers alike. The Stella Artois Sensorium, balanced perfectly to breed immersion and a love of all things food, was an incomparable experience dedicated to long-term Stella drinkers.

The Five-Sense Immersion

The event primarily served to honor the way Stella Artois immerses the five senses. The multi-course dining experience paired food with beer, honing each dish’s natural flavors by invoking the body’s five senses. Smell, sight, sound, taste and touch were prioritized in the sensorial dome. Guests met a 360-degree experience, engaging Stella Artois promotions via video and interactive elements. The display, amplifying each sense to perfection, was featured throughout the night.

Transforming the traditional dining experience takes work, but Stella Artois succeeded in crafting a fully immersive and active presentation. Stella’s global premiere took place in a massive Toronto dome, hosting a power-hitting five-course meal intended to challenge each event-goer’s perception of senses. From start to finish, Stella engaged event-goers on multiple levels.

Two Years in the Making

The Stella Artois Sensorium was birthed by the brand’s grass chalice. Each iconic Stella momentum within was designed to enrich the event-goer’s senses while sipping Stella’s own Belgian-style lager. Of course, expanding such a concept requires full proof of concept. Stella delivered, pairing its multi-sensory dining experience with Mosaic—Stella’s handling agency.

Mosaic has had years of experience crafting sensorial exhibitions. Its display experts partnered with Richie Farina, a much-celebrated chef, to enhance the event’s cinematic flair and attribution of local ingredients. Also present, Nyles Miszcyk introduced multiple musical genres to amplify the experience. Dr. Irwin Adams Eydelnanat boosted the dome’s aromas, triggering the consumer’s emotions and memory. The event was headlined by filmmaker Jamie Webster, who powered Stella’s 360-degree film project.

Balance and Product Promotion

The Stella Artois Sensorium, in essence, was a buyer psychology trial. By engaging all five senses carefully, Sensorium host’s negated overload while delicately prompting recall. Balance achieved a perfect sensorial experience, and each expert took the reigns when meals were presented. Each meal round was paired with a sensorial experience, crafting a unique bond.

Stella Artois ensured total event cohesion. Each course was accompanied by a Stella Artois chalice. Barring desert, each main course was amplified by Stella’s choice, tying the brand’s overall appeal into the magnificent display. Ending the event on a sweet note, the company imported its own European-style cider, titled “Cidre.” The cider was specifically crafted for the Sensorium, capping off the experience’s soothing display with a spritz of taste.

Stella Artois’s project leaders focused heavily upon the consumer’s natural pairing of taste and smell. Mike Bascom, marketing director of Stella Artois, placed a lot of weight on sensory balance, depicting each course’s perfection of split-taste attribution. Each course served to transport event-goers into a full-fledged sensory experience. Attendees then left with unforgettable memories, spawning thoughts and feelings for Stella Artois. The event was far more than a discussion piece. It was a high-powered psychology extravaganza.