Happy Holidays

2011 was awesome, ready for 2012

2011 was an absolutely an amazing year at Soho Studios. We shared so many fantastic events - concerts, festivals, photo shoots, film production, markets, expos, art shows, food trucks, cultural events, and much more. This year has been a true vitalization of our space and the excitement surrounding the Miami Wynwood district has further increased the demand for our convention center facility. The continued development of Miami's Midtown, Wynwood, and the discussions surrounding the redevelopment of the Miami Herald building have created a wave of positivity for the cultural and social scene. If 2011 in Miami had to be defined by a single event, cultural, culinary, and social scene in South Florida, we'd have to point out the MIAMI FOOD TRUCK hysteria. One of the most popular food truck gatherings takes place around the corner from Soho Studios during the Miami Art Walks throughout the year. Of course we have great times at the Studio, but instead of ranking specific events at our space...we're tipping our hats to the meals on wheels!

There's definitely an exciting energy surrounding the food truck culture that has blossomed this year and it has brought a lot of attention to our streets in Wynwood.

Soho Studios would like to give a special thank you to Rothschild and Associates LLC, the management company overseeing the production and events at our space.

There have been so many individuals, companies, and creative forces that help make Soho Studios the best event space in Miami it's difficult to list everyone. We are extremely grateful that Soho is on the map for being not only a great place for large events, but also a highly demanded film and television studio, photo studio in Miami, and an exciting corporate marketing and promotions location in South Florida.

We hope you had a great time with us in 2011 and we're looking forward to continuing to share good times in 2012.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!