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Jackson Health Foundation Hosts its 25th Birthday Celebration at Soho Studios Miami


We at Soho Studios in Miami are proud to announce the upcoming Jackson Health Foundation's Golden Angels 25th Birthday Bash on January 21, 2017! It celebrates 25 years of the Foundation's giving, which supports a variety of health-related causes within the Jackson Health System. This event starts at 7 P.M. and is being presented by the Golden Angels, a group dedicated to fundraising for the Jackson Health Foundation. This event is also known as the Golden Angels Gala. The gala is a fundraiser as well as a festive party, dinner, and evening of entertainment. Suggested ticket prices start at $1,000, which gives the donor a Benefactor Seat. Individual tickets go up to $60,000, which gives a seat at the Golden Angel Pledge/Gala Tables. Tables for 10 are also available for larger donations. The Jackson Health Foundation also has a web page for those who wish to give smaller gifts toward specific Birthday Bash goals without attending the gala.

For those who attend, there is an exciting array of activities that will go on. Dancing is on the agenda, along with dinner and choice of drinks. Every year's event has a different theme to surprise attendees, and you can count on excellent entertainment and multiple bars. One of the highlights is always the recognition of the Foundation's largest donors, who will appear in their finest fashions. This makes this event one of the biggest in the area's social scene.

Every year, there is a different form of memorable entertainment offered. There have been variety shows, carnival acts, and other exciting performances. This year's theme is Miracles Made Daily, but the Foundation is keeping mum about the specifics of the accompanying performances and sets that will be present. You'll just have to attend and see what they've set up for you!

About the Jackson Health Foundation

The Jackson Health Foundation, or JHF, works to raise funds to cover shortfalls in the Jackson Health System's budget left after taxpayer funding and grants have been exhausted. This allows the System to continue to provide its top-notch medical care along with the extras that make patients more comfortable here than they otherwise would be.

About Soho Studios

Our venue is one of the finest in Miami for galas, expos, and other experiential events. We can provide up to 70,000 square feet for your extravaganza, but we can also configure the venue for far smaller events. This makes Soho Studios one of the most versatile choices for your engagement.

To purchase a ticket or to make a donation to the event click here. 

Come Be a Kid Again with MCM and Soho Studios


At Soho Studios, we believe everyone gets the chance to be a kid. It’s time to enrich the lives of others, fostering a love for everything cultural while promoting community involvement. By meeting children across the multicultural community, Soho Studios and the Miami Children’s Museum offer extensive meet-ups with programs, exhibits and art displays.

The Community Connection

The Miami Children’s Museum is all about community. Here at Soho Studio’s, we’re all about networking. Florida residents can kick back, enjoy the festivities and engage community efforts at every level. At every turn, an exhibit waits to be found. The Miami Children’s Museum’s “Be a Kid Again” Gala presents the area’s leading cultural displays. While networking is a major event feature, entertainment, culinary delights and education, of course, are promoted.

Every child in the community is welcome, as are parents, to engage in the Museum’s teaching goals. The community connection is far-reaching, connecting event-goers with a variety of exhibits. Co-chaired by Christy and David Martin, alongside Daniela Swaebe and Michael Comras, the Be a Kid Again Gala excels in connecting Soho Studios with its wonderful surrounding community.

Fundraising at the Family Level

Soho Studios believes every fundraising opportunity thrives upon family involvement. To meet the community’s needs, Soho has connected with museum professionals. Programs, interactive exhibits and art-related learning materials are only the beginning.

Powerful fundraising excels when children of all ages are allowed to imagine, learn, play and create together. In the past, Soho Studios has assisted with similar community involvement initiatives. No great idea is created alone, and we believe fun begins with helping others. Miami Children’s Museum is one of the area’s premier institutions, serving entire families by inspiring them about their surrounding community’s needs. By prompting involvement via literacy programs, art workshops and childhood education, Miami Children’s Museum succeeds in raising awareness.

A Wonderful Outreach Location

Soho Studios is located in Wynwood, Miami’s Art District. Over the years, it’s evolved to encompass the city’s expression. Soho Studios is Miami’s epicenter of expression, creativity and opportunity. Every campaign, fundraising event and initiative is treated with sincerity. Soho Studios believes in Miami Children’s Museum, and we’re proud to create a platform of continuity for future efforts.

Visit our studios, and check out our extensive art, culture and education showcase. At Soho Studios, events are constantly changing. The community always comes first, as do its needs. With over 70,000 square feet available, we’re ready to host extravagant, yet intuitive, community support events. Come on over, and be a kid again at one of this year’s biggest gala’s. We’ll be waiting, and we’ll be ready to show you the enthusiasm of our community’s bright, intelligent minds.

How to Host an Event that Exceeds Expectations

Event marketing is one of the best ways to grow your customer base while creating engagement opportunities that build rapport as well as your brand's reputation in the industry. However, your event must be memorable if you want it to make an impact. Here are four great ways to host a memorable event that exceeds everyone's expectations.


1. Develop a Creative Theme

You will need to develop a creative, cohesive theme that builds a seamless brand experience. Your theme needs to be different than what everyone else is doing. You could use a current event to liven things up. Think about how Saturday Night Live uses satire to build their show and make it memorable to the point the media talks about it for a week after it has aired.

2. Create an Interactive Experience

It's not enough to just have a booth and hand out giveaways as people stop by. You need to create an experience that gets your visitors actively involved in the parts of your business you are trying to promote. Visitors need to be able to feel, touch, taste and enjoy the experience if you want them to remember it favorably. You could use games or a booth within a booth where you could serve refreshments and have your visitors sit down and use your products for a more hands-on experience. But whatever you do, it will have to be fun and memorable if you want to make a great impression.

3. Host a Workshop

Set aside some time at your event to host a workshop where you can either entertain or educate your visitors. Perhaps a popular band or comedian or you could have a DIY session and provide your visitors with a valuable giveaway. Something so valuable they can't believe you gave it away for free. This is a great way to make your event memorable. Then as your visitors use and love your giveaway, to the point they can't live without it, they will contact you to find out what else you might have that would be valuable to them as well. They already love your giveaway so you've built trust which makes it easier to sell them something else of a higher value.

4. Use Multiple Touch Points

People are busy so unless you use multiple touch points your event probably won't be successful or memorable. You should be using a mix of direct mail, email, social media and other types of paid promotions if you want to get people talking and excited about attending your event. Just make sure you are matching your promotions with the right segments of your audience. That might mean you need to have different types of promotions for each group such as one promo based on job titles, one for each industry and another for specific locations if you want them to be more relevant and impactful.