Jackson Health Foundation Hosts its 25th Birthday Celebration at Soho Studios Miami


We at Soho Studios in Miami are proud to announce the upcoming Jackson Health Foundation's Golden Angels 25th Birthday Bash on January 21, 2017! It celebrates 25 years of the Foundation's giving, which supports a variety of health-related causes within the Jackson Health System. This event starts at 7 P.M. and is being presented by the Golden Angels, a group dedicated to fundraising for the Jackson Health Foundation. This event is also known as the Golden Angels Gala. The gala is a fundraiser as well as a festive party, dinner, and evening of entertainment. Suggested ticket prices start at $1,000, which gives the donor a Benefactor Seat. Individual tickets go up to $60,000, which gives a seat at the Golden Angel Pledge/Gala Tables. Tables for 10 are also available for larger donations. The Jackson Health Foundation also has a web page for those who wish to give smaller gifts toward specific Birthday Bash goals without attending the gala.

For those who attend, there is an exciting array of activities that will go on. Dancing is on the agenda, along with dinner and choice of drinks. Every year's event has a different theme to surprise attendees, and you can count on excellent entertainment and multiple bars. One of the highlights is always the recognition of the Foundation's largest donors, who will appear in their finest fashions. This makes this event one of the biggest in the area's social scene.

Every year, there is a different form of memorable entertainment offered. There have been variety shows, carnival acts, and other exciting performances. This year's theme is Miracles Made Daily, but the Foundation is keeping mum about the specifics of the accompanying performances and sets that will be present. You'll just have to attend and see what they've set up for you!

About the Jackson Health Foundation

The Jackson Health Foundation, or JHF, works to raise funds to cover shortfalls in the Jackson Health System's budget left after taxpayer funding and grants have been exhausted. This allows the System to continue to provide its top-notch medical care along with the extras that make patients more comfortable here than they otherwise would be.

About Soho Studios

Our venue is one of the finest in Miami for galas, expos, and other experiential events. We can provide up to 70,000 square feet for your extravaganza, but we can also configure the venue for far smaller events. This makes Soho Studios one of the most versatile choices for your engagement.

To purchase a ticket or to make a donation to the event click here. 

How M&M's Got Innovative to Celebrate Their 75th Anniversary


While the real estate industry is known to employ some innovative tactics for promotional marketing, this time there was a reversal of roles when the Mars candy company used real estate to create a captivating event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of M&M's. This past March, Mars hosted the event at New York City's Altman building. The theme centered around the characters that have become the candy's mascot. Though not quite as old as the candy itself, which hit the market in 1941, anthropomorphic, talking M&M's first appeared in advertisements in 1954. But these were black and white, and only came in two varieties, peanut and plain. The colorful "spokescandies" that we know today came into being at the same time as blue M&M's, in 1995. And they proved so popular that they continue as powerful marketing icons to this day. For the March 3rd event, the company created "apartments" to go with each M&M's character's specific personality. Yellow's child-like personality was showcased with a yellow-ball filled fun pit and GIF booth where attendees could make their own. Green's flirty side was captured in a makeup vanity complete with green lipstick. Blue's apartment was a suave bachelor pad. And brainy Brown's apartment perfectly summed up her classy intellectual personality, with an office and her trademark glasses left on the desk. These weren't just surface assessments of their mascots though. To properly celebrate the 75th anniversary, Mars dug deep into the history and lore of M&M's and their marketing campaigns of the past. A Statue of Liberty model in Green's room alluded to the time she floated down the Hudson dressed as Lady Liberty for a 2007 promotion. Red's room had a vintage poster that made reference to the reason why M&M's were originally created as MREs for WWII soldiers. And Brown's apartment had a script based on the often told legend that Van Halen's concert rider includes a clause forbidding brown M&M's from the dressing room.

To make this a truly red carpet worthy event, Mars did more than just roll out the red carpet (although roll out the red carpet they did). There were candy shop dispensers of M&M's in all sorts of unseen colors, inviting guests to vote on new ones and also take some home. There were passed hors d'oeuvres and mini grilled cheeses served with shots of tomato soup. There was also a full bar, featuring cocktails based on each M&M. Additionally there were multiple interactive components, including stations set up throughout the event, with headphones and tablets, allowing participants to engage in an augmented reality experience, as well as allow them to shuffle M&M's to create their own rendition of Sammy Davis Jr.'s iconic "The Candy Man." This song served as the theme for the evening, as the original Sammy Davis Jr. song was used in vintage M&M ads, and the event's grand finale was a live remake of the song by Zedd and Aloe Blacc, titled "Candyman," which has already gotten 10 million hits online. Although this was a massive event, it's just kicking off the anniversary celebrations, as Mars plans to repackage aspects of the event on a smaller scale to serve up at different locations across the country, as well as developing a virtual reality version.