TV Shows in Miami

Burn Notice gets its Pink Slip

Miami is known for its glamorous criminality. Shows like Miami Vice and movies like Scarface are just some of the earlier productions that reshaped Miami’s image from a place to go when it’s time to retire to a sunny place for shady people. This makes Miami the perfect backdrop for any show where the good guys go after the bad guys, and in the case of Burn Notice, the ex-spy goes after the international criminal cartels.

Burn Notice came to Miami in 2007. Originally show producer Max Nix wanted the show to be set in New Jersey, a more believable location for recently dismissed secret agent Michael Weston to live out his own retirement, when the USA Network decided that they wanted a bigger contrast between the character and his environment and selected Miami as the location for Burn Notice. The name of the show comes from the saying “Spies don’t get pink slips, they get burn notices” and it looks like Burn Notice is getting its pink slip after all.

After a successful seven years of filming in Miami, Burn Notice has been cancelled. The show was being funded by production incentives from the Florida State Legislature and when Florida decided to cease funding the program Burn Notice decided to cancel the TV show after 111 episodes.  Although they still than enough financial support for at least two more seasons, rumor has it that the funding did not allow for higher salaries for the cast and an exhausted creative team.

In addition to Burn Notice, two other South Florida TV shows were recently canceled.  Magic City, a TV show set in Miami in 1959 about the owner of a luxury hotel, and The Glades, set in Palm Beach County, about Chicago detective who takes a position with The Florida Department of Law Enforcement. These two shows were canceled in August 2013 around the same time that the state’s production incentives stopped being funded.

For those of you are looking to see more of Michael Weston’s adventures, there has been talk of a movie or perhaps a spin-off of some sort. Although no one has asked the Burn Notice creators to write any scripts just yet, the series finale was left open ended. Burn Notice will be missed in Miami, and so will the production incentives that will allow state funding for future South Florida shows.

X Factor Photo Shoot

X Factor is the newest television sensation scheduled to hit the networks and will for sure capture the public. If you haven't heard, this is Simon Cowell's music-competition show that features music genius L.A. Reid and of course the entertaining Paula Abdul. Needless to say, it was great to host the group for a X Factor photo shoot in Miami.

Below is a picture of Simon Cowell in the Pavilion Studio, shot by Chris Buck. Read more about Simon on GQ by clicking here.


Photo studio Miami

Our space is the hottest location in Miami for photo studio space and the perfect solution for X Factor to select. This new program scheduled to release on FOX will be an instant hit and for us it was great to be a part of creating a positive experience for the photography team.

When L.A. Reid was interviewed, by Amy Chozick, on the Wall Street Journal blog there was a brief mention of Soho Studios. The article titled, Why Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid Joined Simon Cowell’s ‘The X Factor’, gives great insight into the excitement L.A. Reid has about being involved in this new project.

Here's the mention, visit link above to read the entire article. "Music producer Antonio “L.A.” Reid ran Island Def Jam Records and signed such stars as Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Kanye West. So what’s he doing on Simon Cowell’s new reality show “The X Factor,” premiering on Fox in September? On a break from an “X Factor” photo shoot at Miami’s Soho Studios, Mr. Reid sat down with Speakeasy to talk about his decision to get in on the reality-competition game, what type of judge he’ll be, and why a show like this will never discover the next Ludacris."

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