Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Bacardi Miami Sailing Week 2016

The 2016 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week, presented by EFG, combines the city’s most anticipated professionals in a grand event destined to catch flight. The multi-class Miami regatta sets sail between March 6 and March 12, highlighting south Florida’s springtime with wonder, excitement and the highly coveted Bacardi Cup.

A City Event for Country Participation

Bacardi’s capacity for promotion knows no bounds. Its handled teams represent a wide array of countries. Participants from across the globe will arrive, lining up on Miami’s sun-bleached beaches and beneath rich blue skies. Biscayne Bay is a worthy location, and it establishments promise much for the event. The celebrated Bacardi Cup, alongside the BMSW regatta trophy, are merely ending event awards.

The Challenge

The Bacardi Miami Sailing Week, being a big-scale event, carries big-scale amenities and competition. The event’s Star Class will compete for Sailing Week’s 89th entry in the Bacardi Cup. Meanwhile, the event’s VIPER 640 ensures a challenging approach to the renowned EFG Pan-American Championship. The VX Ones and J70s will similarly return, coming back for their second and third years.

The high-powered event is fueled with sponsorship. Contestant sponsors have already committed their time, energy and funds to the regatta’s enhancement. Bacardi, itself, powers the event to deliver “all things sunny” to the event.

Ongoing Support and Outreach

For Bacardi, a south Florida sailing extravaganza offers incomparable visibility. Conceived as the brand’s three-day promotional event, sailors and event-goers have since transformed the Bacardi event into something far more organic. Bacardi Miami Sailing Week wasn’t always a sailing week. Bacardi’s original presence at the Cup of Cuba’s Mid-Winter Championship birthed its experiential approach to brand promotion, soon developing into a full-fledged international event.

In 1962, Bacardi relocated from Havana to Florida’s Coconut Grove. Hosted through the Coral Reef Yacht Club, the Bacardi Cup remains one of the brand’s signifying community engagement extensions. In 2016, the Bacardi Cup promises to remain as the only Cuban-born water sport extravaganza to survive in America.

89 Years of Excellence

Attracting over 200 sailors annually, the Bacardi Cup needn’t lean on social media for attention. That said, the brand does achieve mass-scale visibility through Twitter and Facebook. With over 23 countries lined in the roster, and supplemented by international and national media, the Bacardi Cup hits its Star Class stride within Miami Sailing Week on a Sunday.

Marketers should take note: an 89-year-long exposure cup is in the cards. Bacardi’s supreme dedication to land, sea, sports and international competition extends far beyond simple sponsorship. The Coral Reef Yacht Club in Coconut Grove might serve as a prestigious Miami location, but such dedication to excellence can’t be bound by location alone. Bacardi excels in experiential outreach, and it succeeds at existing on multiple market levels.