Chef Steve Santana

Mastercard Priceless Miami with Chef Steve Santana


MasterCard cardholders have a very special opportunity to meet Chef Steve Santana for tortilla making lessons at his Miami restaurant, Taquiza, on March 18, 2016. The restaurant is located in the heart of South beach, in the HI Miami Beach Hostel (the old Eva hotel.) The charming street style taqueria has exploded in popularity since its 2014 launch. The tacos at Taquiza continually earn a spot on the "best of" food lists for Miami restaurants, drawing visitors from not only the Miami area but from all over the United States. In Mexico, a

Taquiza is a special event. Essentially, it means that people invite their friends and family over for a casual taco party. This casual gathering includes piles of fresh corn tortillas and all the tortillas ingredients on a central table where people can serve themselves. Chef Santana wanted the concept of this Mexican social gathering to carry over to his new Miami restaurant, and so Taquiza was born. Diners can order and eat at the restaurant, or they can order a to go package that includes everything needed for a traditional taco party in their own home.

By owning a MasterCard, you will earn earn entry into a truly unique experience - a tortilla making class with Chef Santana. Following the lesson, you'll enjoy a fun family style meal at Taquiza that includes pulled pork shoulder along with a menu of sodas from Mexico such as Agua Fresca and Jarritos. Tortillas are handcrafted from scratch every day, using only responsibly sourced ingredients. The blue masa corn that comes from Michoacán, Mexico is the centerpiece of the tortillas at Taquiza, and you'll learn how to create these culinary delights yourself.

The lesson will include not only a tortilla making tutorial and meal, but also an education on the different types of corn used in tortillas today and tips on how to recreate these amazing tortillas on your own at home. The most essential part of the taco is undoubtedly the tortilla, so the type of corn and the way that it's used is extremely important. Traditional Mexican tortilla making is truly an art - a lost art in many places - and that art is what Chef Santana will discuss and demonstrate during this lesson.

The tortilla making lessons will start on March 18 at 10:30 a.m. and will cost $15 per person. To learn more about the tortilla making lessons at Taquiza, visit the website today.