How to: Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Event Planning

How To: Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Event Planning

Holidays are great event occasions. Sometimes, however, the holiday cheer gets in the way. If you’re planning a holiday-centric business event, make sure you’re packing in the essential ingredients. Also, avoid the pitfalls associated with holiday meet-ups.


Soho Studios has the resources you need to make an awesome holiday event. If you need room, need ideas and need a good host, we’re here to help. Before you settle on a location, though, check out these holiday event do’s and don’ts.


Do Have Good Timing


Holiday ads, event invites and shout-outs during late summer can annoy customers. The Christmas creep exists, but it isn’t going away. Target the holiday’s early birds, sure, but don’t blast them with event reminders when it’s too early. Maximize the November weeks. If you’re planning a summer event, don’t give notice two months before the actual event.


Do Use Technology Benefits


Connect to users via mobile. If you’re hopping on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday train, offer discounts at your event. Make technology an integral part of your business’s meetup, and give customers mobile-exclusive access to discounts, promotions and rare opportunities. If you can, integrate virtual reality and augmented reality.


Do Offer Entertainment and Refreshments


It’s a holiday, after all. Your brand’s biggest fans have things to do. They’re going to other parties. If you’re going to create a holiday-centric event, give event-goers a way to let loose. They’ll be enticed by a branded event which offers live entertainment, drinks and a place to party. As a rule of thumb: Offer shuttle rides, unique drink offers and food.


Don’t Plan Over a Big Weekend


The holidays are packed with traffic, bustling shoppers and busy families. If you want your event to take off, make sure it’s in the average eventgoer’s “free spots.” If possible, avoid Friday and Saturday nights. Plan to kick off the event before the holiday’s date and give customers easy access to your location.


Don’t Forget Social Media


Too many brands forget about the power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media sites are buzzing with activity over the holidays. Work is cut short, school is out and newsfeeds are watched closely. If you leave out the social media angle, you’ll miss a huge opportunity. Help customers connect, and make social media networking a big part of your holiday event.


Don’t Push Your Products


If you’re creating an event around Thanksgiving or Christmas, you shouldn’t make your brand’s products or services the main focus. It’s a time for celebration. Connect with consumers. Offer live demos, sure, but don’t make money the event’s main focus. If you do, eventgoers will get the wrong impression. During the holidays, a lot of brands advertise to make a profit. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to take the higher ground.


Make sure your vent has unique highlights, and promote its success on social media. Good event planning exists before, during and after an event. To resonate with your customers, you’ll need to educate yourself on their social media activity, favorite engagement strategies and personal preferences. More than ever, your brand will need to appeal to its audience with laser precision.


Make your campaign powerful. Zero in on your audience. Contact us today, and check out our event availability. Between great rates, holiday hosting opportunities and great planning options, Soho Studios is the place to settle in during the holidays. We’re brimming with ideas, and we can make sure your brand’s holiday is a cheerful one. Exceptional events aren’t born overnight. They require time, a knack for fun and some holiday cheer to work. So, stop on by! We’re ready to party.

How the Gingerbread House Turned to the Future


Taste of Home is well-known for its presentation of lifelike displays. In the past two years, it’s delivered one-of-a-kind, life-size gingerbread houses. Every holiday, its annual display is paired with a nearby tree lighting ceremony—redefining holiday cheer with wholesome experiences.

Sharing an Iconic Brand

Both Taste of Home and Folgers are iconic brands—each with equally iconic histories. Responsible for bringing families together, displaying wholesome experiences and interacting with consumers, Taste of Home is returning with its fan-favorite Gingerbread Boulevard.

Gingerbread Boulevard brings a fully interactive hotspot to brand-lovers. The brands welcomes park visitors via its Visual Shazam facial recognition technology. As event-goers travel, they experience a 360-degree view of each gingerbread home. Each interior is interactive, letting visitors click around hotspots and take selfie photographs. Taste of home packs a wealth of holiday traditions into a single hotspot, so no stone is left unturned.

The Future of Holiday Experiential Marketing

Every Gingerbread Boulevard home celebrates the many cultures Taste of Home reaches. Last year, displays included Ski Chalet, Surf Shack, Houseboat and Farmstead. Every display additionally features life-size candy decorations, giving event-goers something physical to touch alongside the event’s augmented hotspots.

While Folgers and Taste of Home products are consumed year-round, the holiday season is an excellent time for cross-brand features. Twix, Snickers, M&Ms and Dove, too, are present, and each can be added to family favorite recipes available throughout the experience.

Taste of Home, today, is a leading producer of cooking, food and entertainment information. It’s responsible for helping home cooks engage media, enjoy comfort and meet with other enthusiasts within the digital community. For this reason, its experiential marketing event is highly unique.

The Media Crossover

Gingerbread Boulevard makes an impressive impact in the Taste of Home magazine, too. Paired with the taste of Home Cooking School, many of the brand’s displays comprehensively support cooking enthusiasts every year.

By blending expertise and energy, Taste of Home’s 24 million fans assist the brand directly. Inspiration is always preserved, and Gingerbread Boulevard, every year, succeeds in presenting the Folgers way.