Miami International Car Show

Miami International Car Show 2015

There’s always more than one way to bring in the holiday season. In Miami, November is full of fun! During November 6-15, the city will be taken over by patrons and residents who all flock to the Miami International Car Show to see the latest concept cars, performances and drivers we know and love. This will be a two-day event series with a car showroom theme, complete with a driving track and simulation area that mirrors the actual venue. Food, drinks and giveaways will be themed based on the car dealer, concept car, or sponsor. Open to the public, this venue will have a special VIP area where autographs and pictures can be taken with the drivers, and a separate paid photo area where patrons can take pictures with the concept cars.

In its 44th year, the auto show will capitalize on its success in 2014 with popular returning exhibits, including Topless in Miami’s display of convertible cars, Havana Classics, a spin-off of Memory Lane celebrating nostalgia of the 50’s and Camp Jeep, part of the Ride & Drive events. This year’s attractions include the first ever “Cars Meet Art” exhibit showcase featuring several world-famous urban artists who have painted a variety of cars and matching murals. A smaller version of Million Dollar Alley, complete with simulation screens for a reality-based drive will be one of the main attractions, complete with million dollar keys and trinkets for those who win the driving game.

Vendors and retailers will be able to showcase and sell their car accessories, with major performances by local and national artists. Celebrity spokespeople from each car dealer will be on hand to shoot live commercials and video interacting with attendees.

Specialized areas will feature each car on display from the manufacturers, simulating their “world” and all the perks that go along with being a part of their family. The event will be hosted in conjunction with the South Florida Automobile Dealers Association and the Miami Beach Convention Center. Tickets for this multiday party go on sale on September 1 and start at $35 dollars, with one-day tickets priced at $15 each. VIP tickets start at $50, with an increase based on certain attractions.

The Miami International Auto Show started in 1971 and is recognized as one of the largest and most prestigious in the world. The main events are held at the Miami Beach Convention Center every year and spans over a period of ten days each year.