Times Square

The Pop-Tarts Pop-Up Café Gets Experimental


In New York, Pop-Tarts has gotten adventurous. Kellogg’s is offering unique flavor taste tests in one of the more interesting pop-up stands we’ve seen. The menu isn’t your typical assortment of pastry options, as it’s an assortment of high-tart tacos, Pop-Tart pizza and chili Pop-Tart fries. For a drink, visitors can sample the Pop-Tart milkshake—blended from the pastry. Times Square has always been an area conducive to exploration. Now, it’s an area of opportunity for Kellogg’s.

The Times Square Cereal Bar

The Pop-Tarts Café arose last Tuesday. It’s acquired the brand’s Time Square cereal bar space, taking advantage of the Times Square traffic and adventurous New York pedestrians. The Kellogg’s creative menu aimed to reinvent the way consumers eat Pop-Tarts, mixing, mashing and combining a variety of flavors to create new experiences.

Why? Kellogg’s felt its brand required a new, finer attention to detail. It wasn’t necessarily about branding new tastes, it was about presenting a new method of consumption. In an effort to connect with consumers, promote the pastries and revamp the age-old “breakfast snack,” Kellogg’s has turned Pop-Tarts into an any-time-of-day meal. Birthday Fiesta Nachos and Chili Pop-Tart Fries, in particular, made appearances as the brand’s go-to, around-the-clock meal options.

Other Locations

You guessed it: Time Square wasn’t the only Pop-Tarts Café location. Taste-goers wanting to try something new can check out Kellogg’s locations in Chicago and Philadelphia. A lot of Pop-Tarts lovers are having difficulty resisting the variety of concoctions, engaging the brand at unprecedented rates.

Oddly enough, the flavor combinations work. Those hungry for pizza can dig into a Personal Pop-Tarts Pizza, crafted with frosted brown sugar cinnamon crust, frosting “cheese” and strawberry “marinara” sauce. While event-goers may be weirded out by the presentation, each Pop-Tart pastry shape is incredibly tasty. By mixing fresh mint, a variety of fruit flavors and the Pop-Tarts signature crust, Kellogg’s has snuck in new line favorites to its trusted customers.

All About the Swag

Few events can survive without a little swag. The Pop-Tarts Café offered small surprises to perfect every order, crafting creative lists from a variety of mashups. All too often, popular food brands overextend themselves. They’re too generic; too focused on pleasing everyone. The Pop-Tarts Café certainly offers something different. While the flavors are classic and instantly recognizable, Kellogg’s has proved that presentation counts.

The Kellogg’s The Pop-Tarts Café packs 18 delicious Pop-Tart eating options, served a-la-carte. Eventgoers who’re having difficulty committing to a singular food item can take advantage of Pop-Tart flights, expanding their dining options with numerous eating options. In the realm of experiential marketing, Kellogg’s proves that experimental works, too.

Sony Joins the "Escape Game" Trend


Sony and Times Square go hand-in-hand, but they’ve amped up the customer experience with two fully interactive puzzles that give visitors the opportunity to become one of the actors in two popular NBC series. Capitalizing on the trend of virtual reality, Sony also offers visitors a chance to take a journey with Playstation VR, becoming part of five unique experiences that will give them a glimpse into the future and what to expect from Sony. For those photo buffs, Sony helps budding photographers (or those that are photographers in their heads) the chance to borrow a Sony camera, participate in a photo walk, and take pictures of memorable experiences.

Sony takes things to a new level with Sony Square NYC, designed to showcase their products while engaging visitors and the general audience on why Sony is at the top of their class. From October 24 – December 2, 2016, visitors connect with Sony on a variety of levels. While many people long for the chance to become part of a hit series, Sony is making it possible for their fans.

Sony understands the concept of engaging their audience, and what better way to do it than with an immersive experience in New York? Making an impact on their brand, Sony continues to introduce concepts that keep user engagement at high levels. Imagine the bright lights of New York City with a chance to feel like you’re a part of the Sony family.

A little bit more about the games – 10-minutes each, staged in an open showroom that houses the time machine from the show Timeless, and a decoding game staged in a cube on the show The Blacklist. Both games have three puzzling stations that makes users think. Designed with top engineering, they are solidly constructed, and compelling enough to get users to want to play again and again.

Patrons and visitors have come to expect a lot from the Sony family, and these offerings do not disappoint. With the opportunity to play a game with or without someone else, this is a great way to interact and meet new people while being part of something fun and exciting. Complete with staging areas to accommodate a real-life experience, these games are completely free.

Visiting the Sony Showroom itself is exciting, with the Playstation VR and vast collection of photography taken by Sony as the perfect ending to visiting the space. Sony’s in it for the long haul, and Sony Square in New York proves it.