2016 Experiential Marketing Summit

EMS 2016 is coming, and marketers around the country are attending. Denver’s Experiential Marketing Summit is a jam-packed conference powerhouse, bringing industry leaders together to discuss tactics, share stories and invigorate the marketing world’s future. EMS 2016 event-goers can expect massive insights, years of information and seminars discussing the world’s latest, greatest trends.

The World’s Biggest Event Marketers

With over 1,500 marketers attending, EMS 2016 is far more than a conference. American Express, Pepsi, Bacardi, Cisco, Google and Intel are leading the charge, informing others of hand-picked strategies guaranteed to win. Bestselling authors, strategy chiefs, design experts and technology gurus inspire attendees between May 4 and 6, redefining the way 2016’s business providers dish out deals, engage consumers and generate event visibility.

EMS 2016 features an all-business platform, but its high energy surpasses all expectations. Its empowering speaking faculty engages the world’s biggest brands in a one-on-one platform, crafting mission-critical trends, extraordinary practices and face-to-face marketing solutions. “The big ones” aren’t simply lecturing. They’re getting involved on the ground level.

The “Flex Learning” Format

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a marketing guru yourself, EMS 2016 promises total engagement by way of its “flex learning” format. Traditional breakouts, conversation sessions and workshops do away with typical speeches, offering an environment reflective of 2016’s organic business climate. Exclusive keynotes, too, are present, allowing marketers to walk away with intuitive, extensive EMS 2016 messages.

Master Classes and Brand-Side Instructors

The brands consumers and businesses know, love and support are engaging EMS 2016 audiences on newfound levels. Real instructors, exclusive info and three days of juicy teachings await, and each is presented by leading business pros who’ve played the game a thousand times over. Get into the field with senior-level perspectives, and check out the modern marketing landscape through the eyes of Pepsi’s Consumer Engagement VP, Adam Harter. Peter McGuinness, Chobani’s CMO, too, leads discussion, gifting audiences with the air of professionalism and timeless knowledge.

EMS 2016’s Master Classes, meanwhile, feature the business world’s bestselling authors. Each Master Class super-session reveals the industry’s hottest trends, best approaches and innovative solutions. Each class gets down to the nitty-gritty, revealing the many “tricks of the trade” currently powering modern solutions. Each Summit workshop touches base with one-day-long seminars. A variety of topics are covered, bringing eventgoers to the professional level.

An Afternoon of Engagement

With over 100 Solutions Center partners available, EMS 2016’s breadth of support is astounding. Demo products, engage new solutions and get a hands-on consumer view of new products and services. The Solutions Center is EMS 2016’s chief vehicle of attendee support, enriching each eventgoer with non-stop action, plan engagement and step-by-step resource delivery.

Of course, such an event deserves something extra. EMS 2016’s low-down hours are spiced up with a happy hour, the Ex Awards Gala and a supreme after party. Morning yoga, breakfast and coffee breaks, too, are offered, prepping healthy minds for the world’s latest, greatest experiential strategies.

Adobe's PhoneGap Day

Adobe’s PhoneGap Day is one part celebration, one part conference. Starting Jan. 28th, PhoneGap Day U.S. takes place at the brand’s intuitive Lehi office—and newcomers are welcomed to query or express excitement for everything phone-app related. Adobe packs everything else, including technology, food and entertainment.

Web Development Skills

Adobe’s PhoneGap Day excels in prioritizing the market’s brightest minds and resources. PhoneBag Day is about app improvement. It’s about web development, and it’s about leveraging main content with web-views. Adobe’s event teaches users to navigate controls, improve their platform and reach the market’s finest corners.

Adobe’s love of web development extends to another marketing maneuver, too: skill forecasting. Web development is incredibly reliant on the industry’s ability to facilitate new solutions, and PhoneGap Day grants Adobe the flexibility to view upcoming organization techniques. PhoneGap Day helps users learn native controls, edit content and update frequently. In some instances, Adobe’s PhoneGap Day trains upcoming industry impactors before formal partnerships are made.

Identifying the Brightest Minds

Unlike generic outreach programs, Adobe’s experiential PhoneGap Day targets the gurus and keen-minded. The industry’s brightest minds are directed to accelerate their platforms, optimize their development strategies and discuss with industry experts. PhoneGap Day, while for everyone, is highly geared towards Adobe’s action-oriented market.

Event-goers outline, build and design their apps, learning valuable implementation and marketing maneuvers. Push notifications are certainly prioritized, as the mobile industry has become increasingly “push oriented” in recent years. PhoneGap experts are prepared to share the best practices around, enlightening future minds with hot tips and tricks.

Workshops as Market Environments

Marketing events segment prospective buyer audiences into small slices, and Adobe’s grand-slam PhoneGap Day offers take advantage of smaller populations. Adobe’s hosted workshops, hosted on January 28 to accompany PhoneGap Day, let attendees choose their own learning adventure. Three different tracks are available—each with unique lesson plans and target demonstrations. Both seasoned experts and beginners are welcomed, and all sections are greeted with a Friday conference following the workshops.

Social Outreach

Integrated learning environments work rather well when paired with a pre-specified audience. Mobile app development reaches far, and many PhoneGap team members have been specifically trained to target new skill. The social technology world is similarly fueled by social media focal points: upcoming players who’ve discussed the world’s newest options and possibilities. PhoneGap Day harnesses these individuals, imbuing them with Adobe’s biggest ideas.

PhoneGap attendees gain access to key industry conversations, “what’s next” seminars and event swag. The event’s social side is definitely existent, and PhoneGap Day’s activities precede January 30th's Ski Day. PhoneGap carries a presence at Ski Day, too, inviting all attendees to relax for a day of fun, catered breakfast and ample discussion activities.