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New Edible Event Trends for 2017

Today’s marketing events have gone taste-centric, and modern marketers are taking advantage of several trends. Edible signage, sensory booths and even virtual reality have changed the game. Whether you’re a food-based brand or not, your customer’s experience matters. Your attendees remember tastes, and you’re not far from getting involved with this year’s latest,

providers below have taken charge with the consumer’s taste buds, delivering unforgettable experiences to their brand’s favorite fans.

Loliware’s Edible Signage

First up, we’d like to highlight the company Loliware for their edible signage pitch during ABC’s “Shark Tank.” The signage, responsible for producing the first edible, biodegradable cups, was originally created to reduce event waste. By transforming the sampling process, Loliware essentially redrafted what it means to make edible products. Signage which can be repurposed, eaten and even marketed to specific events is highly unique, and it’s capable of transforming entire marketing campaigns.

Volkswagen’s “Eat the Road”

The “edible everything” campaigns have gone far. Volkswagen, too, has extended itself in the edible direction, creating its “Eat the Road” campaign. The campaign, crafted from direct mail, let readers tear out and eat magazine pages. Created from propylene glycol, these pages were redesigned to taste like sugar. Jet Blue had a short follow-up, creating a New York Post edible ad which tasted like a potato chip.

Volkswagen’s start-up didn’t stop the roll-outs, either. Soon after Jet Blue’s creation, Videri Chocolate Factory celebrated its 5th anniversary by creating two-pound edible posters. Established in stores, local restaurants, art galleries and breweries, the signs certainly made an impact.

Everything Skin-Based

While edible ads might’ve stirred up the most attention, conductive ink has become one of the more flexible edible marketing resources. Creations like MIT Media Lab’s DuoSkin prototype made stylish, gold leaf tattoos which were eatable. As if that wasn’t enough, following creations capitalized on the trend.

Consumable marketing resources, in the past, have been incredibly unique. Now, they’re promising a new horizon of interactive business resources. If you haven’t yet, check out the latest, greatest edible thrills in circulation. Edible marketing is a niche subject, but it definitely has its kicks. Regardless of the trend, several truths still stand. Consumers like food—even if it’s presented in an unorthodox way. Additionally, the pure strangeness of edible anything will often grab a buyer’s attention. Edible designs aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they may be on the rise.