Using social media to promote your WMC event

Every year in March the streets of Miami come alive with deep bass and luscious techno sounds of electronic music during the 28th-Annual Winter Music Conference (WMC). If this year's gathering of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) industry professionals is anything like last year's, attendees can expect to find more than 2,300 artists performing at over 100 events all over Miami during this exciting week.

Promoting events during the Winter Music Conference can be a challenge. With so many activities, parties and gatherings on tap during this week, promoters must use every tool available, especially social media, to attract spectators and participants to their events in Miami.

Why is social media so important for event planning? First off, the obvious, it's free. Planners can promote their events multiple times on Facebook or Twitter to remind everyone about their festivities or conferences, where they will be located and what will be happening or who will be headlining.

Promoters can also use Facebook and Twitter to sponsor contests to give away a few entries to their Winter Music Conference events while simultaneously telling people how to purchase their own tickets. Especially savvy promoters will also use links to interesting Instagram pictures or create YouTube videos to promote their events that, with any luck, could go viral and result in even more free advertising.

Event planners should post promotional videos and professional photography to create visual hype surrounding their event. Lots of visual content should also be taken during the event to capitalize on post event buzz. Using a high profile party venue in Miami is a great way to add extra excitement. Soho Studios, which is a 65,000-square-foot facility, is the premier event space in Miami. Its location in the Wynwood Art District and edgy industrial detailing make it an especially perfect backdrop for a Winter Music Conference event.

Because the Winter Music Conference has so many functions occurring at the same time, it is important for planners to take advantage of all that social media has to offer in order to keep interest high in their particular events.