The 9 Mile Music Festival

Who's experienced the magic of the 9 Mile Music Festival? This premiere event features several of the world's most talented reggae musicians, all gathering in the heart of Miami to celebrate great music and a great community.

9 Mile Music Festival Lineup

The lineup for the 9 Mile Music Festival includes several of today's hottest hip hop and R&B artists. The line up has features such class acts as Mavado, Patrice Roberts, Captleton, 2 Chainz and Konshens. Perhaps the biggest draw, however, is the presence of the famous Marley brothers. These musical brothers are known for their vast talent and infectious stage presence, and of course being the offspring of the icon of reggae music Mr. Bob Marley.

Commitment To Charity

While good music could be seen as reason alone to attend the 9 Mile Music Festival, there are plenty of other ways in which this is a worthwhile event. For one, unlike other events taking place at party venues in Miami, the 9 Mile Music Festival has made a huge commitment to helping those in need. During its 20 years of existence, the 9 Mile Music Festival has successfully collected over two million canned goods for the less fortunate. These canned goods are distributed among various shelters in both Miami and Jamaica. The 9 Mile Music Festival will continue to gather plenty more cans of food in the future, as attendees are now required to bring in four cans each.

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