Memorial Day Weekend

How to top last years event

Your event has ended, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, everyone is raving about what a hit it was. At first, you're extremely excited that everyone enjoyed themselves, but then reality starts to sink in.

How in the world are you going to top this event next year?

Get Feedback

While your event may have been a smash, there are almost always ways you can improve on it. To figure out the best ways to make your event production even better, solicit feedback from attendees, employees and vendors to find out if they had heard or noticed areas that needed improvement. Maybe, the lines to get in your event were backed up because you didn't have enough people taking tickets or a concession stand was located in a low traffic area so it didn't earn the income you had expected. Learn from these mistakes and make adjustments and improvements accordingly.


If attendance at your function was lower than you expected, your event strategy for next year should include ways to increase your visibility with the public. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to generate buzz about your event is to utilize social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Fortunately, actively publicizing your event on these two sites shouldn't add any more cost to your event planning budget.

You might also want to consider partnering with a coupon site, such as Groupon or Living Social. These sites will not only help you to generate more interest for your event, but they can also be an effective way to help you sell more tickets.

Choose an Exciting New Venue

If you've been throwing your event in the same old hotel ballroom year after year, isn't it about time that you move your event to a venue with more atmosphere, such as Miami's Soho Studios. Located in the vibrant Wynwood Art District, this 65,000-square-foot structure with its industrial detailing can add an edgy, modern look and feel to your event.


Everyone loves surprises and great ones can really make an event memorable. If you, for instance, hire a special guest for your festivities, you may want to conceal his identity until the day of your event. This could create great buzz and interest in your event as everyone tries to guess who your special guest may be.

The 9 Mile Music Festival

Who's experienced the magic of the 9 Mile Music Festival? This premiere event features several of the world's most talented reggae musicians, all gathering in the heart of Miami to celebrate great music and a great community.

9 Mile Music Festival Lineup

The lineup for the 9 Mile Music Festival includes several of today's hottest hip hop and R&B artists. The line up has features such class acts as Mavado, Patrice Roberts, Captleton, 2 Chainz and Konshens. Perhaps the biggest draw, however, is the presence of the famous Marley brothers. These musical brothers are known for their vast talent and infectious stage presence, and of course being the offspring of the icon of reggae music Mr. Bob Marley.

Commitment To Charity

While good music could be seen as reason alone to attend the 9 Mile Music Festival, there are plenty of other ways in which this is a worthwhile event. For one, unlike other events taking place at party venues in Miami, the 9 Mile Music Festival has made a huge commitment to helping those in need. During its 20 years of existence, the 9 Mile Music Festival has successfully collected over two million canned goods for the less fortunate. These canned goods are distributed among various shelters in both Miami and Jamaica. The 9 Mile Music Festival will continue to gather plenty more cans of food in the future, as attendees are now required to bring in four cans each.

Miami has long been a center for cultural gatherings, including the Art Basel Wynwood and, of course, the 9 Mile Music Festival. A number of attendees find themselves in need of an event space Miami style or a photography studio Miami. These functions are well-suited to the beautiful Soho Studios event space, where people from all over the world gather to celebrate accomplishments or simply kick back and enjoy themselves. If you're on the hunt for a great event space to use before, during or after the 9 Mile Music Festival, you won't find a better fit than Soho Studios.


Sizzle Miami at Soho Studios

Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived and Sizzle Miami is being hosted at Soho Studios. Sizzle Miami has evolved into being one of the most anticipated events every year for men. Dwight Powell, the creative force and promoter, developed this Memorial Day weekend in 2003 and the attendees have been growing in number each year.